Freedom ain’t free

Good day,

Corrupt governments across all time and the entire world necessitate that like minded, yet demographically diverse, people band together to preserve a civilization that loves Health and Wellbeing; Justice and Education; Discourse and Religion; and, overall, Responsibility and Liberty.  All legitimate governments promote these objectives and outcomes because they follow the natural order of the universe.  In this age, it is time to renew our individual and collective commitment to our Father and His Son by refusing to accept overwhelming oppression forced on us by corruption.

Every person has a duty before God and His Son to learn, expound on, and apply His eternal principles because it is God’s gift to all mankind. However, it is the stated intent of every government in existence today to replace God with slavery. Therefore, it is every person’s duty to reject this subjugation. For example, every government has abandoned private property ownership, the core of self-determination, through excessive taxation and confiscation. All governments are eroding self-reliance by restricting inalienable rights: some of which are freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, and the obligation of each person to pay for their own consumption. All governments are decreasing individual security by crucifying the moral homogeneity of their people. A government that does not promote self-determination, self-reliance, and the safety and security of their constituents, is a failed government.

This is a call to discuss how a new government can and will be formed when there is no new land and most people struggle to survive from day-to-day. To join the discussion, please send me your credentials – the facts that support your commitment to the absolute and objective moral principles of our Creator and Savior – at I humbly submit my request and enumeration of principles as being self-evident of my commitment.

May God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven,