Thanksgiving, 400 years ago, was a community thanking God for His blessings: particularly of the natural consequence of private property.

The first immigrants to America experimented with communism. They each got the exact same reward – I’m sure it was based on need as assessed by the government, thank you Marx – as every other pilgrim. In reality, they had a contract with their merchant-sponsors in London. That contract stipulated that all produce went to a common account, and each member was entitled to one common share. Pure communism. It didn’t matter how much you produced, you held the same common share as anyone else.

Guess what? It didn’t work. The pilgrims nearly died. Bradford, the governor, quickly realized they weren’t going to make it, so he tried free enterprise. Now pilgrims, while still equal before the law, each family had their own plot and the right to retain all the produce from the plot. This was the explosion of productivity that allowed the pilgrims to trade with Indians and England. It sparked massive numbers of new immigrants.

That’s what the pilgrims gave thanks for – an understanding of natural law. Private property leads to productivity.


Beautiful books share ideas, concepts, and principles in unique non-obvious ways. This past week, I had the opportunity to have an equally quality exchange during a conversation with a coworker. She had visited the Van Gogh exhibit in Colorado, and reported that she was struck by how incredibly odd Van Gogh was. Specifically she thought his self-portraits that were distorted, oddly colored, or otherwise occluded very impactful. When she mentioned that it made me think about how my self-discovery odyssey matches those paintings.

As a junior economist, I have been awed that the US fiat currency is a constant lie. It does not truthfully tell us what the value of a dollar is, and the value constantly changes. That means that a major influence in my life – economy – has completely distorted my framework for understanding. Just like Van Gogh’s distorted self-portraits, if I were to truthfully paint a picture of myself it would have to be distorted because the economy around me is distorted.

Strive to identify and eradicate lies. Whether it’s a buffoon pushing conspiracies, vaccinations, or even warping the meaning of words. These are common and prevalent lies.

Leaving it Better

My mom taught me to always plan for the future. At least she did her part. At times, I still get tired and just exist until bedtime.

When you leave a room, improve one thing.

When you have a conversation, try to find one way to give the other person support.

When you read a book, find something enlightening.

The Jab is Immoral

We know killing all mankind is Satan’s goal, and that he is the definition of pure evil.  Having been cast from heaven, Satan’s existence was threatened because he no longer existed in the same realm as God.  Satan lost his importance and became a simple ruler of earth.  He can, and apparently does, still talk and converse with God – the Father, but Satan no longer holds the title of archangel or even angel.  He has become a demon.

Having lost his status, Satan also lost his immortality.  God created Satan, and God can destroy Satan.  There is another being that has a chance of immortality: humans.  Because humans were made in God’s image, they are an existential threat to Satan.  Satan cannot allow humans to be granted salvation and become immortal.  Our existence, our choice of obeying God, proves that Satan is evil and by his own choice.  Satan chose to rebel, and by choosing to rebel he chose death; simple cause and effect.

Humans are classified as homo-sapiens.  Evolutionary theory holds that humans descended from homo-erectus.  The difference is literally sapiens versus erectus.  In the first, sapiens, mankind is capable of thought.  In the latter, erectus, mankind can simply stand.  In this context, mankind’s capacity to think separates sapiens from all other life forms.  This mirrors the natural law of cause and effect.  Our choices matter, just as Satan’s choice mattered.

Mankind’s existential threat to Satan is why Satan must destroy all human life.  Satan has come very close to exterminating life, and it was the humanist movement, the renaissance, that once again gave mankind hope.

During the dark ages, Satan attempted to destroy mankind by eliminating thought; the capacity that distinguishes humans from all other life.  Satan did this through the Catholic church, creating a culture of superstition, obedience to a man instead of God, and reducing life to a template instead of a rational experience.  The Holy Roman Empire, which like many titles was neither Holy nor Roman, intended to rule all Christendom and subvert the will of man to the will of the church.  This dark stain was filled with perversions including incest by the Pope – Alexander VI.  Because of this choice, the papacy forever lost, if they ever actually had, the moral standing to suggest what is righteous and what is evil.  Today it is obvious that selling indulgences is morally corrupt, but at the time the influence and power of the church to persecute, corrupted life into a daily drudge to survive; many didn’t.  Education was belittled, and freedom of speech and thought did not exist.  People were not equal before the law.

The corruption of the church, as all corruption does, caused a spark of rebellion.  The great artists and scholars of the time were protected by their patrons, and that allowed humanism to rise.  Humanism placed far more value and respect on human life than the church.  In a very short amount of time, the papacy lost power, and was supplanted by the sheer power of human’s desire to live.

Today we are descending back into the dark ages.  Individuals are being forced to give up their freedoms for the perceived greater good.  Individual subversion to the greater good is the definition of socialism, and it is the antithesis of America.  America was founded “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”  America represents the triumph of human capacity, as we obey our God.   America’s strength is the collective result of decent people making good decisions every day.  It’s the power of crowd-sourcing – allowing people to be self-governing and determining their own destiny.  America is the greatest experiment in humanism the world has ever seen.  America places more value on human life than any other culture, and America will only be surpassed by a culture that places an even greater value on human life.

It is our duty and sacred responsibility to place a higher value on human life every day.  God demands it.  It is the only way to get out from under Satan’s thumb.  It is the foundation of America.

China, on the other hand, is well known for its persecution of race and religion.  Their government exists only for the sake of the government.  Their state places immoral mandates on the allowable number of children, places Uygurs in concentration camps, and actively suppresses the practice of Christianity.  This makes the Chinese very vulnerable.  Their future is not secure, nor is it sustainable.  Because of their vulnerability, they are very susceptible to corruption.  Dr Fauci took advantage of this and funded gain-of-function research through the NIH to bypass American law.  Americans know that this research is immoral, and our laws prohibit it.  China does not have such high morals, and does not value human life.

The lab in Wuhan released an mRNA virus on the world.  We now know that China did this on purpose – that China massively increased their purchase rate of PCR tests long before the virus was released.  We also know the Dr Fauci knew exactly what was going on, and has his name on several patents that directly lead to the China flu.  We know that the US government has been funding this research, and that they have been partnering with several private organizations to patent such a destructive virus since the 1990s.  Indeed, we even know that the CDC has changed the definition of a vaccine so that the China flu jab could be classified as a vaccine.  In addition, the patent of the China flu jab was not accepted by the US patent office because it did not meet the clinical nor patent definition of a vaccine.

The China flu jab can’t meet the definition of a vaccine.  It may reduce the severity of symptoms, but it does nothing to slow or reduce the transmission of the virus.  Actually, the opposite is true, it creates virus carriers who have reduced symptoms, but increased viral load making them walking Petri dishes.

These viral carriers are more dangerous to the public than people with natural, or even no, immunity.  mRNA viruses mutate very rapidly, and creating an environment where they can mutate rapidly without the normal human response is insane.  Typically, mRNA viruses die off fairly rapidly because their mutations are not sustainable.  In our present environment, we have created the ideal host that carries an extreme viral load and doesn’t even know they’re sick.

Certainly being sick and knowingly spreading illness is immoral.  It’s also immoral to be a super-spreader of a virus.  These are immoral actions because they do not place a high value on human life.  Taking the jab is immoral because it is a choice to knowingly become a viral carrier.  It’s Satanic because it kills people: doubly so, because it knowingly kills people.  In US law, that’s premeditated murder: it’s a felony.

What should a citizen do?  As stated, we know the US government has funded this virus.  It has collaborated with private companies and foreign nations in a highly suspicious, if not illegal, way to develop this virus.  The government has then made mandates, executed orders, and passed laws, to force jabs on citizens.  The citizens may not know the consequences of taking the jab, but illegal and immoral actions are illegal and immoral regardless of education.  US citizens are becoming aware that many people are Satanic and want to destroy a large portion, if not all, human life.  The Dr Fauci’s of the world are guilty of felony crimes, including genocide, and there hasn’t been any justice.  Much of our political leadership is deeply involved in completely immoral actions, as witnessed by their mandates.  Our borders are not protected, so even if the jab was moral and a viable vaccine, we still would have to deal with China flu outbreaks.  There is evidence that the China flu has bridged the species gap, and there are now reservoirs of contagion in wildlife, which again makes a jab ludicrous.

It turns out that a citizen’s role is very complex, but can be summarized very simply.  We must reject Satan, and thereby reject death.  We must obey God and keep his commands.  Indeed, that’s the whole duty of man.  I wish it were so simple.  In this case, a citizen’s duty is to reject the jab and hold the US and Chinese governments, as well as their agents, accountable for their role in releasing a plague on all mankind.

“There is no justification for taking away individuals’ freedom in the guise of public safety.” – Thomas Jefferson

Democracy – A false god

I work with a lot of bureaucrats – unelected civil servants who’s daily effort directly impacts your life without any transparency. The simplest form of transparency is money: you pay your taxes and the bureaucrat gets paid. While there are many dedicated, experienced, and skilled bureaucrats, there are also a lot of satisfied bureaucrats sticking pencils in the ceiling. How do you know if your money was spent wisely? This lethargy results from a lack of competition, surely, but, it also stems from the false god of democracy.

Government workers hold the belief that they’re entrusted with important jobs. They are. Over time, however, they begin to believe that they are doing good. That is, they have to do the job because so many people depend on them. They believe that the state is critical to the services delivered. So far, all of those thoughts are true. but only from a very narrow and democratic perspective. From the republic perspective, democracy is only part of the recipe for success. Indeed, one of the major problems with the Articles of Confederation was a tyranny by the majority. From that disaster, the framers of the Constitution realized that limited government was also a critical ingredient for success.

The United State’s Constitution heavily relies on the principle of limited government: “of the people, by the people, for the people.” In addition, the framers realized that the only objective of a Republic is to secure the rights of the individual. This concept is not often included in modern thinking because we have allowed ourselves to become socialized. The modern ideology believes in the “greater good” over “individual liberty.”

It’s not unusual for individual liberties to conflict, and the Justice system exists to resolve those conflicts. However, no nation can stand when it constantly subverts individual rights for the perceived greater good. That is pure socialism. It requires that someone, or to be more charitable, a committee, knows more about the greater good than the collective experience of all individuals voting daily in a democratic republic by their actions. In the case of the China Flu, the “greater good” mantra ignores the collective body of human experience, and places the weight of decisions on bureaucrats with unknown motivations.

The greater good, and democracy alone, are false gods. The purpose of the United States government is to promote individual liberty, and through liberty achieve a greater and more truthful body of human experience. Since the US no longer derives its’ power from the people, it is no longer a republic and is simply a tyrannical rule by the majority. It would be good for bureaucrats to stand up for themselves, and all their fellow Americans, by promoting individual liberty, and rejecting the endless despair of socialism.

Ann Landers explains “isms”

Dear Ann Landers:
I am an inner city English teacher, and my students are reading George Orwell’s “1984.” I am having a difficult time explaining communism, socialism and fascism to my students without giving a full-blown, time-consuming history lesson. I recall you printed a humorous column some time ago explaining these concepts using cows as examples. Will you please print it again for my students? I’m sure it will kick-start a lively class discussion. I’d appreciate your help. — A Teacher in Mississippi

Dear Mississippi Teacher:
Thank you for asking. It’s an “oldie,” but a “goldie.” Here it is:

Socialism:You have two cows. Give one cow to your neighbor.
Communism:You have two cows. Give both cows to the government, and they may give you some of the milk.
Fascism:You have two cows. You give all of the milk to the government, and the government sells it.
Nazism:You have two cows. The government shoots you and takes both cows.
Anarchism:You have two cows. Keep both of the cows, shoot the government agent and steal another cow.
Capitalism:You have two cows. Sell one cow and buy a bull.
Surrealism:You have two giraffes. The government makes you take harmonica lessons.