Natural Law

In today’s litigious society, it is easy to confuse natural law with common law.  In his excellent treatise on English law, Blackstone lays out the three types of law, why they exist, and their purpose.  Of course in today’s public school curriculum, there isn’t any exposure to law.  This leads to confusion by US citizens about what law is, and how they act in light of precedence.

Natural law are the laws that govern the fabric of the universe.  It is impossible to “break” those laws, but it is possible to find that the known model or interpretation of that law is inaccurate or incomplete.  An example of a natural law is the speed of light.  Please don’t confuse the speed of light with the speed limit on the way to work.  Just because the former takes precedence, the later is an example of a regulation that brings order and safety.

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