By their fruits

Most Americans knew the Russian Collusion narrative was a sham from the start. They knew that because: (a) Trump has nothing to gain, personally, from the presidency; and (b), he certainly has nothing to gain from a relationship with Russia.

Part of the allure of Trump was that his campaign was an obvious agenda to fix some things he feels are very wrong in America. It wasn’t a bid for social status, political clout, or feeding his ego, as so many campaigns are. In addition, measuring a man by his enemies, it was – and is – obvious that he’s making the right people very angry.

Second, It’s hard to imagine what collusion with Russia would look like. What do they have that we want? Corruption? Extremely weak and fragile economy? Living conditions? Hmm… Instead the Russian Collusion narrative has always seemed to be projection by the guilty onto the Trump presidency.

The principle, in all that, is accomplishments predict the quality of a person. So far, Trump is a good person if you’re a proponent of government by the people and for the people.