AG Barr

Is in a tough spot. However, everyone is in a tough spot, but many don’t know it. Here’s the thing: AG Barr is unwittingly setting up a defense for the black souls that committed treason, sedition, and other such crimes, based on their thinking that they were only doing their job. Or in other words, they had very good intentions, and might have overstepped their boundaries due to good will.

Bologna. Good men and women consistently do the right thing because they understand and believe in the principles of free society. If Barr is correct and Comey was simply trying to work in the best interest of the citizens of the United States, then neither Comey, nor Barr, understand that all Americans are capable and able to understand the most difficult machinations of foreign and domestic interests. If Americans aren’t, then we will not survive.

In other words the government must serve the people.

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