S. 1332

It barely made the news, but it’s important to know that there are a few fiscal conservatives in the Senate. In short, Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) introduced a bill to balance the budget over the next decade by cutting 2% across the board for each of the next five years. Senator Paul did not expect the bill to pass, and it was soundly reject 69-22.

This is the type of bill that separates the wheat from the chaff despite party lines. Were your senators fiscally conservative, or did they hold the uni-party line of more government is good government? Looking at Congress and many congresses before, where is our budget?

The principle is American government must balance it’s checkbook, just like it’s citizens must balance their checkbooks.

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PS. If you want a deep dive about the real mess hiding in the US’s accounting, watch USAWatchdog.com’s interview with Catherine Austin Fitts.