Free Speech

The core of America is Free Speech. If we can’t discuss current events, find common ground, and build consensus, then we’re barbaric. There are currently several direct attacks on free speech:

  1. Many conservatives are being thrown out or, or violently protested, when they attempt to discuss philosophy, ideals, morals, ethics, and current events.
  2. Many universities have safe zones, which is an organization, not a space on their campus that is anti-free speech.
  3. Planned Parenthood has won an initial court case against undercover journalists who exposed that they are harvesting baby parts from aborted fetuses.
  4. YouTube blocks Judicial Watch’s post on Representative Shiff’s Ukraine fake whistle-blower “Eric Ciamarella.” (And has scrubbed many other videos)
  5. There are many instances of people being disciplined at school for their views on President Trump.

If America is to remain the land of the free, and subsequent home of the brave, we must stand up for, and defend out right to free speech.