Does it matter that the origin of Christmas is pagan? Most observers of Christmas feel that it’s a good change to enjoy and engage with family. They state that it’s really not a religious holiday.

My opinion is this view isn’t congruent with other Christian teachings. Most Christians confirm that Christ, the Messiah, is the most important person in all history. Christ himself observed Passover, which is a Holyday marking Christ’s death. He instructed all Christians to continue to observe the Passover as a sign of their obedience and adherence to His teaching.

Christmas is a pagan holiday that was used by emperor Constantine to try to integrate the observance of Saturnalia with the biblical Holydays, which he hoped would have the effect of making both pagan and Christian citizens more uniform.

So if I was the Son of God, and I was crucified to save humanity, I would be pretty upset that Christians choose to observe pagan holidays instead of the Holydays I taught and exemplified. The principle is do what Christ our savior did and taught.