Justice for President Trump and America

Sent 12/29/2019 to Senators Jon Tester and Steve Daines

I support the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary forcing Representatives Shiff and Pelosi, plus whistle-blowers, testifying under oath about their actions and communications regarding the impeachment of duly elected President Trump. As crimes are uncovered people must be brought to justice and the scope of investigation should expand to other conspirators. The goal of the testimony should be to discover criminal activity as well as allowing President Trump to defend himself.

The inappropriate and evil impeachment itself should be dismissed by the Senate quickly, regardless of how long Democrats continue to play political games and try to cause procedural glitches. The only reason the impeachment should be considered is if it allows the Senate to bring impeachment conspirators to justice.

Congressman Nunes has clearly outlined that impeachment was based on misinformation in the Steel dossier. Many others have shown that the Muller report has no credibility. IG Horowitz has uncovered many crimes and inconsistencies committed by the Judicial Branch. I conclude that Democrats are continuing to blame others for the crimes they are committing themselves as an attempt to subvert justice. It’s an absolute outrage, and Democrats have lost all credibility.

If unopposed, the left will destroy this country, and I will support you enthusiastically as you help America restore justice, remove corruption, and end this coup.



Senator Tester responded. The response is incredible. I hope someone on his staff gives him a lesson on how the justice system in America works.