Rip Roaring Economy?

The economy under Obama was the pits, and it’s the pits under Trump. The primary indicator Trump uses to support his claim is the stock market:

  • Yes the stock market is at record highs.
    • Trump gave companies an incentive to bring money back on-shore. Where do you think they put it?

The second indicator is low unemployment. Trump is correct unemployment is at a low; currently around 3.8%, or 7% depending on how you calculate it.

Workforce participation is also at a low. Only around 63% of able-bodied people are in the work force. To his credit Trump is getting more people employed, and more people back in the workforce.

A third economic indicator, manufacturing orders, may be trending down. From November 2018 to November 2019, manufacturing orders are down 1.3%.

Finally, the national debt continues to expand beyond all capability to comprehend. Year-over-year increase from November 2018 to November 2019 is 1.2 Trillion dollars.

Does the US have a rip roaring economy? You be the judge. In my opinion, Trump is trying to restore the economic stability of the US, but is facing huge headwinds.

The principle is that the government always lies. There are many indicators that I didn’t include, debt markets, and the Fed’s balance sheet being big ones, but the point has been made. A resource that you may find useful is