Institutional Significance

Every man is just a man. Every woman is just a woman. What adds gravitas is the position, the institution, and the history of the office. So when the DoJ, AG Barr, has a disagreement with President Trump, it’s important to remember that the DoJ wouldn’t be in this position without a number of poor decisions. (Trump has made poor decisions too – AG Sessions, etc.) However, my opinion is that the DoJ has a gigantic judicial debt to fill. If clear violations of law aren’t corrected, such as Uranium One, then the DoJ doesn’t have standing to discuss cases with judges. In other words it’s a complete breakdown of the judicial system.

If you don’t know, what is the constitutional penalty for a felony? It’s a long video, and this topic only comes up as a side-discourse, but it is an important video. The late Justice Scalia discusses the Constitution with the Peter Robinson of the Hoover Institution.

The principle is that law is a cultural institution, and when the institution(s) responsible for promoting justice decline their duty, the consequences are national chaos.