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There are a lot of external influences that we don’t recognize because they are subliminal yet pervasive. An example is fiat currency. The impacts of fiat currency are unknown, and most people alive today have no reference point to a time when there wasn’t fiat currency. In other words, most people cannot imagine a society without fiat currency, because at this point we can only read about those societies. The full impact of fiat currency is now unknown.

Fiat currency is just one example, there are tons of societal pressures that have become accepted and are not challenged. Just like Edward Lorenz’s Butterfly Effect, those pressures have massive impact yielding a society that loses it’s ability to live and think freely.

The principle is to become aware of accepted norms, influences, pressures, and patterns of thought so that a rational decision can be made regrading the benefit or detriment of “the way things have always been done.”

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  1. Sent by a reader:

    Von Mises in his discussion of money points out the errors made by government with its financial and economic decisions by confusing the term “money” with “capital”. It prints more money when the problem is a shortage of capital. Likewise, we often confuse the term “money” with “wealth” as when we say Warren Buffet has a lot of money. Maybe he does, but probably what we mean is that he has a lot of wealth. Money is only a medium of exchange.

    The butterfly effect is why Jordan Peterson encourages us to make the world better by cleaning our room — a beautiful simplification that fits eloquently with the concept of the passover and days of unleavened bread.

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