Covid-19 Bailouts

The weight of the world rests on the shoulders of individuals. If you support a shrug of those collective shoulders, the world will disintegrate. A bailout for business, or a bailout for individuals, is a shrug. Atlas shrugged. I do not support any bailout. I support free market economics. I support a stable currency, backed by precious metals. I support children that live in a stable environment.

Do not vote for a bill that encourages lack of individual discipline, a bill that opposes price discovery, a bill that legislates morality, a bill that delegates politics to the judicial branch, or a bill that expands government. This nation was founded because of over-reaching government, failure to provide justice, constantly changing economic rules, and, frankly, a general lack of morality.

Hold fast, hold firm, remember that only righteousness prevails,

Sent to: Daines, Tester, Gianforte. Are their responses going to address any of these points? I bet not… They’ll be soothing hysteria.

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