Private unemployment during the China Flu rocketed over 18% to 21% total. It is realistic to expect that Public unemployment rockets over 18% to 21% total. Set an expectation of massive furloughs of Federal, State, and Local employees with your representatives. But don’t expect that it will actually happen.

And that’s because politicians and bureaucrats who believe they are saving lives are the most dangerous people. They believe in their cause, despite the reality around them. They do not have a firm grasp of history, nor do they understand the principles that enable liberty. Rather, they feel we need more government spending on health care, suffering industries, unemployment insurance, social security, etc. If only the military was adequately funded… then what? Would that keep the Chinese from unleashing pandemics on the world?

(Statistics as of 5/3/2020, and I’m sure it’ll be worse by the time this goes live)