Fact Checking

So many great books have been written about censorship, and the evil that quickly grows out of it. This week, let’s remember that no-one of sound mind, good health, and not under duress, should blindly believe anything anyone else says. It is our duty to be well educated, and always apply our personal experience and knowledge to decide if we’re being told the truth, or if it’s a packet of lies.

Prager University lost a lawsuit trying to get uncensored on YouTube. Their legal complaint was that YouTube can’t be both a “public forum” and also a “private platform”. I admit the legalese is pretty difficult for me to understand, but I think they contended that a company can’t cherry-pick between the conflicting rights. YouTube claims to be a public forum, so they don’t need to have any liability for what’s posted on their site. They also claim to be a private platform so they can censor any content they deem appropriate. Who’s right?

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