“Justice” Roberts

It’s going to be interesting to see how the balance of power between Church and State plays out. Justice Roberts has agreed that safety as defined (or maybe declared is a better word) by state government, overrides the right of US Citizens to freely attend religious services. He’s completely wrong. Your right to commune with the Creator cannot be denied by any man or entity. Obviously neither Justice Roberts, nor the other four consenting judges, understand the results of attempting to limit individual’s access to their Creator.

The God of the Old Testament, in my opinion, was also the being that became the man we call the Messiah. That Being became a man because it takes a true God to experience our pain, and do it perfectly, so that a standard can be set. With that singular expression of perfection, mankind was placed on notice that worldly governments, desires, etc., have no power over God. Except for, of course, Justice Roberts and the four other ding-dongs who claim to be members of the so-called supreme court.

Hogwash. Blackstone is perfectly clear, and perfectly correct, that the immutable body of law is natural law: God’s law. The rest of “law,” common and case, are simply rules made by men to try shape society in a way that makes sense to them.