It used to be that all Americans were equally governed by the law. Black Lives Matter is fundamentally flawed because All Lives Matter: especially the lives of women and children. I hesitate to start a list of all the people that have not received justice because of ridiculous partisan beliefs.

As soon as the courts became a weapon of politics, the courts lost their position as a fair arbitrator of disputes. Now we are at the point where justice in America is swayed by who has political power, or who has appointed the most justices. That’s completely wrong and off base. A justice should be a-political.

In the fight to regain equality – equality before the law; remember that justice is a human right. It can be denied for a time, but it cannot be denied forever. When your governor, or other politician, demands you wear a mask, it is your duty to ascertain the benefits and risks, and then make your own decision.

My decision is to never wear a mask as a bent knee to ill-founded policy decisions. What’s your decision? Are you bound by law to obey policy?