China Flu

I’ve been calling Covid-19 China Flu because of it’s origins. This outbreak did originate in China, but the development has a long sordid history. Rather that bore you with the details, I’m going to give one example of why I believe the virus is real, but I also believe the virus is a setup.

4/25/2003. The CDC filed a patent on the RNA sequence defining SARS coronavirus.

4/28/2003. Sequoia Pharmaceuticals files a patent for the vaccine of SARS coronavirus.

I frankly don’t understand how the vaccine for SARS coronavirus can be developed in three days. On the 25th, the RNA sequence was defined. On the 28th, the vaccine was patented. Seems fishy to me.

This was not SARS-COV-2 (China Flu) but SARS-COV – good old fashioned SARS.