How many world events occur randomly? Do you think that world events are unplanned? Are they the result of unpredictable and impulsive influences? Or, is a withdraw from Afghanistan a planned event? Was January 6th 2021 a fluke? Was there a central plan?

I’ve never really heard of Lara Logan before, but she makes an excellent point, that the disaster in Afghanistan is the result of someone’s plan. We may not know who is making the plan, but certainly someone intended to withdraw from Afghanistan, and they intended for it to be a disaster.

Knowing that Biden is corrupted by China means one explanation is Joe wanted to withdraw and give the Afghanistan assets to China. I say that, but it may be that Joe is so incompetent – he literally doesn’t realize that he is responsible – that he is simply continuing his foolish ways. But that doesn’t mean that someone else isn’t playing Joe for the fool he is.

Regardless, Joe has shed innocent blood and will continue to shed innocent blood. What insanity pushed a single person to vote for this fool?

President Trump saw this coming, as did many of us. At 1/6/2020 Trump asked Pence to send the votes back to the states, and let the states decide if their votes were corrupt. Some states, such as Wisconsin, had asked for that to happen. Pence declined, Trump demurred, and America has fallen. This is not a random event. It was planned.