Jan 6 2020

What really happened at 1/6/2020? It was a trap. Subversive elements where planted in the crowd. I know I was there, I did not enter or even touch the Capitol building. I had attended many Trump rallies before, and the Trump crowd was very polite although intense. At all his rallies, it was amazing to talk to other people from all over the world because they understood the moment: it was a choice of liberty or tyranny. A vote for Biden was a vote for tyranny, a vote for Trump was a vote for freedom.

On 1/6 the crowd was different. Lots of pot smokers, dirty people, and ill-mannered. I figured it was just DC. I was wrong. These people were the plants. They were there to rile up the crowd and cause problems. They were funded, they were organized, they had a purpose. The only other group that was organized was a bunch of people from China that were trying to get signatures to raise awareness of the horrors in that country.

The rest of the crowd was just a crowd. We came because Trump asked us, and we believe in liberty. We wanted justice.

Now the FBI (Federal Blunderers Incorporated), after the Beattie report, is dropping the issue like a hot potato – move along nothing to see here.

So what’s going on? The event was not planned. There wasn’t a riot or insurrection. There were a number of people doing things they shouldn’t. But if there was a theme, it was that our government is standing on our necks. They will continue to stand on our necks until they are forced to be accountable. Seek peace!