The Nazis had a very difficult problem on their hands. The Jewish people represented a group of individuals who would not and could not support the goals of the Nazi empire. In fact it’s entirely impossible, given the Jews’ traditions, culture, and religion, for a third Reich to be established by the Nazis.

That means the common understanding that the Nazis were exterminating the Jews to ensure pure bloodlines has an element of truth, but isn’t the root reason. The Jews had to be exterminated because it’s impossible to have a third Reich and Jews. Jesus was a Jew, and the third Reich would have to recognize the Messiah as a Jew which means no third Reich. Do you see the conundrum?

Therefore the atrocities committed by the Nazis had to occur if there was to be a third Reich. So the Nazis established interment camps – dare I call them quarantine camps? The Jews had to be identified, isolated, and eliminated, or else the Nazis could not achieve their goals.

What should be very startling, is that the same need to identify, isolate, and eliminate a segment of society so that a fourth Reich, or whatever name you wish to place on the globalist agenda, can be established. The free thinking people who will not blindly accept vaccination, critical race theory, Marxism, government mandates, executive orders, etc., need to be exterminated before a fourth Reich can exist. Freedom and liberty are polar opposites of slavery and government control.

That is the root of what’s happing in America today. Those people, collectively “we the people,” who think critically, who do not accept “expert” advice without proof, who demand truth, who demand justice, who demand morals, must be identified. That makes the true purpose of the China Flu, the disgusting withdrawal from Afghanistan, the push for ideology instead of objective truth, the brainwashing by media and big tech, come to light. The purpose is to identify those people who will resist; those people who stand for individual freedom, self-governance, and self-direction; those free people who love liberty and are willing to sacrifice everything for liberty; those people who must be exterminated by the minions of Satan to achieve “new world order.”

Please put your thinking caps on. Let me know what you think. This lens is really helping me keep my mental, emotional, and spiritual health. With it I can begin to predict what else evil spirits and people will try to control in their march to enslave the world. I can predict what their next steps are. I can separate what matters from the distractions constantly bombarding us.

One example: why did the Democrat party elect Joe Biden? They literally need someone that is so decrepit, so mentally wasted, so ill, that he will do their evil work without suffering more major mental health issues. The Nazis had the same issue: it was too personal for a Nazi to shoot a Jew in the back of the head: they began recognizing necks. The Nazis couldn’t keep doing it: it destroyed their mental health. So they invented gas chambers. Joe doesn’t have any mental health. It’s completely destroyed – therefore he is controllable and will do massively evil things without further mental degradation. Although, recent signs show that some of his actions are even causing him further mental degradation.