Jan 6 2020 Part 2

There’s an absolute ton of misinformation about the 1/6/2020 protest. Yes it was largely a protest. There were some people that committed crimes and they should be held accountable. Was there domestic terrorism? No. The definition of terrorism is using intentional violence to achieve political aims, especially against citizens. No intent, no terrorism.

Facts you probably don’t know and should. Brian Sidnik is still believed to have been shot, beaten, or otherwise assaulted during the protest. He was not, he suffered a stroke and died of natural causes after the protest. No other officer’s death has been linked to the protest.

Second, I do not know if Ashly Babbit entered through a door, a broken window, forced her way in, or was invited inside. I observed Capitol Police removing the barriers and inviting people inside. It’s very difficult to make a misdemeanor charge of trespassing stick when a person was invited in.

Third, and most important, the event was a setup. Everyone was used as a political pawn. The protest at the Washington Monument focused on the President’s speech at the Ellipse was the protest. What followed that the Capitol was a disgrace. Not a single person should have entered the building. I was appalled that people were on the Capitol. Never-the-less, every media outlet has lied and will continue to lie about 1/6/2020. There are a very few reports that mirror the reality, but if you want the truth, you’ll have to ferret it out for yourself.