Life as an experience is fleeting, but human life is invaluable.

As we bounce from day to day, trying to make life easier, attempting to understand cause and effect, observing the world around us to find comfort, that part of life is fleeting. It’s miniscule. We’re here and then we’re gone.

Another part of life, is the struggle to derive meaning. To figure out why man exists and why such a glorious physical universe surrounds us. To find reason and rationalize our existence. That existential part of human life is invaluable.

This is why the Jews in Treblinka came to realize that they had to sacrifice everything, including much of their belief – but not their faith. They knew they had to give up everything to live the existential part of life, not the physical piece. Their culture and heritage was being exterminated by the Nazis, and for them to continue to have existential meaning, even the physical life had to be preserved.

Understanding the value of the existential, the Jews transcended the physical and became immortal. This is the same way that good triumphs over evil, and why evil will never prevail. Evil is not existential, it’s fleeting, short sighted, and self serving. Good, on the other hand, is immortal, productive, and beneficial for all. In very odd but appropriate words, good increases the universe while evil destroys the universe.

In review of Adam Clarke’s Commentary on Revelation 12:11, he postulates that Christians overcame the red dragon because they fought in the armor of God. His statement is far to nebulous to understand what he really means, but it is correct to say that Christians overcame the red dragon because they were righteous – immortal, productive, and beneficial for all. It is also correct to say that Christians overcome because they transcend above the physical.

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