Beautiful books share ideas, concepts, and principles in unique non-obvious ways. This past week, I had the opportunity to have an equally quality exchange during a conversation with a coworker. She had visited the Van Gogh exhibit in Colorado, and reported that she was struck by how incredibly odd Van Gogh was. Specifically she thought his self-portraits that were distorted, oddly colored, or otherwise occluded very impactful. When she mentioned that it made me think about how my self-discovery odyssey matches those paintings.

As a junior economist, I have been awed that the US fiat currency is a constant lie. It does not truthfully tell us what the value of a dollar is, and the value constantly changes. That means that a major influence in my life – economy – has completely distorted my framework for understanding. Just like Van Gogh’s distorted self-portraits, if I were to truthfully paint a picture of myself it would have to be distorted because the economy around me is distorted.

Strive to identify and eradicate lies. Whether it’s a buffoon pushing conspiracies, vaccinations, or even warping the meaning of words. These are common and prevalent lies.

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