Cycles through Proverbs

The Book of Proverbs, it’s there, it’s “free” wisdom and it doesn’t have to be “religious”. I understand that some are turned off to organized religion. I know I have been on that track and always resort to the “things I know I know to be true” as a source of comfort in turbulent times. Proverbs is rife with those comforting truths. And I summate them with: I know God is good; I know He has a purpose and a plan; I know He is infinitely kind and merciful. I also know there is much I do not know, yet I will always keep seeking to know.

The guidance in Proverbs helps in that journey through the fog of life. We humans make much of the hashing up and defense of the details of our own limited understanding and much of organized religion is organized belief. This is a source of chaos in the modern religious experience. The book of Proverbs reinforces the wisdom that He has infused throughout the creation. It points to the nuances of daily life. It points to peace amidst chaos.  It does not have any agenda nor does it reek of an organizational manipulation or agenda. It is the companion soundtrack to our observations as we experience life.

The words in Proverbs grow in depth as we experience life. And they are maximized if we invest the time in thinking not only about the words but the extensions of the words and how the wisdom can be applied in a wide variety of situations. I recommend reading a chapter of Proverbs a day and making note as the months fly by of the outcome of reading the same words in narrow cycle. I find it interesting how some will hold different meaning depending on what I am encountering in my daily life. I find it equally interesting which ones pop up as “I’ve never noticed that one before!”, though I’ve literally read them hundreds of times. I find the cycling through the book on a monthly basis to be a valuable counter to the disquieting nature of daily life.