Jan 6 2021 – Reader Submitted

January 6, 2021, is a failed attempt of the left to get Trump supporters to riot and commit acts of violence. In this huge crowd of Trump supporters were infiltrators whose task it was to incite violence. They were unsuccessful. The security at the Capitol and the area was reduced to encourage violence. Trump supporters entered the Capitol because they were invited to do so by people in uniforms. Ashli Babbit was murdered, and the crime was not punished. This was the only act of violence, and it was not perpetuated by a Trump supporter, but against one. The damage done to the Capitol was not done by Trump supporters but, possibly by Antifa or BLM, and some Trump supporters actually were trying to defend the Capitol.

So, the left ran with the story as though they had been successful in getting the Trump supporters to misbehave.

To say that Trump was responsible for what happened that day is slightly true in that the people were there because they had either love or respect for the man. And also it was out of respect for Trump and in agreement with his move to Make America Great Again, that no violence could be provoked.

Had the election been fair, the rally would not have occurred. I believe that the election was fraudulent, stolen.