Life’s Freebies

I’m sure you’ve heard the following: “The best things in life are free! Family, friends, the beauty of a sunrise” and “Well, ya get what ya pay for…”. How can we square those two nuggets of wisdom?

The difference is our investment. You do get what you pay for in all instances. If you are given love but do not invest in growing it, then it will wilt and languish and eventually melt away like a spring snow. If you do not spend the time and energy building your family and the underpinnings of strong relationships then your family will stress and fracture, perhaps irreparably. The same goes for friendships and community. If you do not care for your health getting up to see a sunrise will not be a positive experience, it won’t be one of the “best” things in your life. In fact, poor health basically guarantees that we will not be able to be fully present in the moments when those “freebies” in life come along. Health is a multifaceted investment that pays dividends in places beyond living longer. Yes, the best things in life are free, meaning they come to us from the goodness of the Creator of the universe, however, just as we see with the “free” wisdom in Proverbs, all of these freebies need our investment to make the most of their potential.

That said, just as not all people have your best interests in mind, not all freebies are worth our time and energy, so carefully weigh their value and potential value before investing further as they could turn out to be a net loss to your health, happiness and productivity, and then you did certainly get what you paid for.

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