Peace leads prosperity

Perhaps it doesn’t need to be said, but prosperity is never increased during or by war. That is why economic, social, judicial, and political stability is so important. These four conditions are fundamental to personal freedom, and inter-personal relationships.

  • Economic stability is directly tied to private property, free markets, and true price discovery of those markets. It also requires a well known and quantifiable medium of exchange: money.
  • Social stability results from shared and appreciably magnanimous morals and values.
  • Judicial stability is defined by the rule of law, which is the opposite of the rule of man.
  • Political stability is achieved by having a well defined and limited government.

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St Patrick

This thought resulted from a conversation with my resident expert on all things Catholic.

A brief review of Wikipedia reveals that St Patrick played a huge role in spreading Christianity throughout Ireland. That’s definitely a worthy cause. However I get confused because the article goes on to talk about driving snakes out of Ireland. I conclude that these aren’t actual snakes, but are similar to what Christ called “off spring of vipers” in Matthew 12:34.

Ye offspring of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. 35The good man out of his good treasure bringeth forth good things: and the evil man out of his evil treasure bringeth forth evil things. 36And I say unto you, that every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. 37For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.

American Standard Version. 1995 (Mt 12:34). Oak Harbor, WA: Logos Research Systems, Inc.

Which makes very good sense to me, and is applicable to our present day as a principle. Evil people will reap their just reward. May God hasten the day!

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Covid-19 Bailouts

The weight of the world rests on the shoulders of individuals. If you support a shrug of those collective shoulders, the world will disintegrate. A bailout for business, or a bailout for individuals, is a shrug. Atlas shrugged. I do not support any bailout. I support free market economics. I support a stable currency, backed by precious metals. I support children that live in a stable environment.

Do not vote for a bill that encourages lack of individual discipline, a bill that opposes price discovery, a bill that legislates morality, a bill that delegates politics to the judicial branch, or a bill that expands government. This nation was founded because of over-reaching government, failure to provide justice, constantly changing economic rules, and, frankly, a general lack of morality.

Hold fast, hold firm, remember that only righteousness prevails,

Sent to: Daines, Tester, Gianforte. Are their responses going to address any of these points? I bet not… They’ll be soothing hysteria.

Everyday is a good day

People very close to me have recently had a very tough go of it. Lots of unexpected bills, illnesses, hospitalizations, emergency flights, etc. One of my dearest friends said “Life can be a real bitch.” He really meant it, and he wasn’t wrong.

When life is out of control, it’s best to try to slow down, get your feet back under you, and appreciate the things you have. In these blessed United States, we have an abundance of food, clothing, and shelter. Our existence is so rich, we can’t imagine hard times. For me, a game of cribbage with my wife, or even a nice spontaneous conversation can put a highlight on otherwise dreary days.

Get back out there and swing!

What If…

There are a lot of external influences that we don’t recognize because they are subliminal yet pervasive. An example is fiat currency. The impacts of fiat currency are unknown, and most people alive today have no reference point to a time when there wasn’t fiat currency. In other words, most people cannot imagine a society without fiat currency, because at this point we can only read about those societies. The full impact of fiat currency is now unknown.

Fiat currency is just one example, there are tons of societal pressures that have become accepted and are not challenged. Just like Edward Lorenz’s Butterfly Effect, those pressures have massive impact yielding a society that loses it’s ability to live and think freely.

The principle is to become aware of accepted norms, influences, pressures, and patterns of thought so that a rational decision can be made regrading the benefit or detriment of “the way things have always been done.”

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Economic Crashes Lead to War

I’m not worried about Corona-Virus, but I am very concerned about the collapse of supply chains that will have unpredictable impacts on the world’s economy. The issue is that Socialist and Communist are inherently unstable, and it takes very little for their already oppressed and upset populace to start challenging established rulers. In China, it’s very interesting to see that Chairman Mao (the XI), is having to reduce tariffs and promise to buy impossible quantities of American goods: particularly food. That’s a major indicator of how unstable China really is.

The principle, is two fold. First, mankind shouldn’t play with biochemical weapons, who needs them? Second, every time natural law is subverted, there are real and nasty consequences.

Institutional Significance

Every man is just a man. Every woman is just a woman. What adds gravitas is the position, the institution, and the history of the office. So when the DoJ, AG Barr, has a disagreement with President Trump, it’s important to remember that the DoJ wouldn’t be in this position without a number of poor decisions. (Trump has made poor decisions too – AG Sessions, etc.) However, my opinion is that the DoJ has a gigantic judicial debt to fill. If clear violations of law aren’t corrected, such as Uranium One, then the DoJ doesn’t have standing to discuss cases with judges. In other words it’s a complete breakdown of the judicial system.

If you don’t know, what is the constitutional penalty for a felony? It’s a long video, and this topic only comes up as a side-discourse, but it is an important video. The late Justice Scalia discusses the Constitution with the Peter Robinson of the Hoover Institution.

The principle is that law is a cultural institution, and when the institution(s) responsible for promoting justice decline their duty, the consequences are national chaos.

Crying Wolf

As a information security professional, one of the red-flags used to compromise individuals is a false sense of urgency. Have you noticed that the silly message left in your voice mail includes “last chance,” “immediately”, “urgently”, etc.? That’s by design. Bandits wanting to steal your information, your money, or other possessions, are playing with your psychology.

So when climate activists claim “12 years until the world ends“, or that glaciers will be “gone by 2020” it’s a red-flag that they’re playing psychological games.


Have you noticed that despite the over abundance of laws, that lawlessness continues to increase? That is because laws do not cause, or even coerce, positive action. They exist to teach what a society views as productive, and provide a framework to penalize destructive behavior.

Thinking of law in this light, it is impossible to legislate happiness, health, safety, or a robust economy. These outcomes are the result of a moral society. This is one reason why some societies experience better stability than others.

The principle is that a civilization must have productive morals to maintain a positive direction.

Tester votes Guilty

Senator Tester voted that President Trump was guilty on both impeachment charges. The hypocrisy of leftists is completely incomprehensible: it cannot be understood. Tester’s last correspondence with me said he wanted to hear the testimony of people actually on the call. He did not hear that testimony, and in the absence of evidence, voted guilty.

This is how the council of 10 operated in Venice. Anonymous tips lead to investigations and prosecution. Senator Tester is of the same ilk that lead a reign of terror in Venice.

The principle is innocent until proven guilty.