As a person, I need support. I find it by committing myself to doing good things that other people would naturally join in with. I don’t ask for others to help, I just go, and if they’re willing they’ll come along. If I manage them, I tell them my intent and have them figure out how they will help get there. There are other relationships, like marriage, where we jointly develop intent. It’s very easy. I get the validation I need because my product is good, and others get their validation because they helped.

I do not understand the kids these days. I sort of kid because I am still a kid, sort of. Their validation seems to come from causes or ideology. Why can’t they be satisfied with changing the fluids on a tractor? It reminds me that there’s an evil intent in the world that demands everyone around to become mediocre so that every can receive validation. Or that everyone is so individual that everyone is homogeneous. That thinking is really common today, and it’s disgusting.

The path to being an individual is to do something. Something good. So others can and will want to be involved. It doesn’t have to be big, is just has to be constructive. We’ve lost all sense of real as we hysterically validation. And, that’s the problem. Validation is a result of reality. As you get close to real, you get validation. If you get away from real, you lose validation.

Guess what? It’s a principle.


Unjust or oppressive governmental power.

From one side of their mouth, Democrats say that you must pay your taxes as part of your duty to mankind – indeed that’s your obligation as part of our great nation. From the other side of their mouth they say that their spending money on your behalf to fight the China flu, that your obligation is to give up all your privacy.

Lock downs, masks, restrictions on the right to assemble, spying on private citizens without any cause, these are all tools of a tyrannical government. Raids in the dark of night and early morning on citizens who would gladly arrive at a meeting to address charges. Citizens kept under lock and key without charges filed for months. It’s the definition of tyranny. Stripping the right of states to determine taxation is at the core of why the United States was established: “taxation without representation.”

And this is all visible to anyone. If you peer just a little into the intangible, the story gets much worse and quickly.

All that to say, keep your head up. Our rights are inalienable, but they must also be protected through the most proper and respectable of channels: use.

What matters?

Many people realize how fractured the United States is. It even seems a farce to call it United. What are the big ticket items that need to be addressed?

Individual rights have been pulverized for the perceived good of stopping a pandemic. China has born no responsibility for their role, and has actually benefitted economically from the pandemic at the expense of all other nations. What a colossal injustice.

Our present administration is happy to sell every American to the highest bidder. Human trafficking’s off the charts due to an open border, but all our lively hood is at stake due to national debt. It’s likely even our jobs are at stake because some moronic bureaucrat is power hunger.

The is no justice for crimes. If the shooter is white and the victim is black, every “news” channel will make insane calls for reparations or other such nonsense. If you’re name is Ashley Babbit, the shooter will never be named. If you were invited into the Capital on 1/6 and accepted the invitation, you’re now likely in jail without any recourse. It’s now July, that’s six months incarceration without a crime.

The Capital Police have been nationalized: offices in California an Florida. Many places require your papers to receive service. Traditional institutions of law and order, police, etc, are being strip mined. We can’t quite figure out biological gender; why that’s even a topic is beyond all understanding. Inflation is running rampant while the Feds have instituted direct payments to select “citizens.” I put citizens in quotes because I’m sure much of that money is going to non-citizens. Election integrity it a thing of the past, only he who counts the votes matters. God is all but removed from every aspect of life. To the point that big-tech is trying to rewrite all history while God himself recognizes that history must be accurate.

It seems like there should be a way to fight to secure our rights. And I mean a peaceful redress of grievances. Frankly we’re all struggling to make it from one day to the next, and the burden of dealing with corruption has escaped. Has our spirit been eternally crushed?

If there’s a principle in the meandering, it’s that good people will get ground up by a bad system. So if good people are struggling, then it’s the system that needs to change. The people are doing their level best.


Don’t take life too seriously. It should be a wonderful experience in these United States, but there are factors outside our control. Never-the-less, proceed until apprehended and always act with strength for the just cause. In the end that strength will divide you from people lacking direction. The just cause will keep you moored to the divine principles that rule our existence. There will always be nay-sayers and people who doubt, or even cast shades on your motives. You don’t need to prove your motives just do the right thing and they will be forced to follow or be exposed for their own decrepitude.

The Self

One of the main goals of science is to identify and explain the laws of nature. Amazingly, that’s also one of the main points of life: to understand the world we live in and how to maximize the people around us. Of course this goal is not universally held, it’s specific to the Judeo Christian ethic. To make great people, the people must be self-directed and self-governing.

Self-direction is the art of setting and achieving goals. It requires being realistic about what can be done, and plotting a course that results in accomplishment. Risk must be taken because every desirable objective involves some risk. There are many people who either neglect to take risk, or neglect to set goals. The first category will never achieve their goal. The second category will spend a lifetime being blown about. Neither will realize their potential

Self-governing is the practice of instilling discipline, and making sure we regulate ourselves. In some ways, civil and criminal law is unnecessary if a person is self-governing. They do not inflict harm or injury on others. However, it is possible that those who are not self-governing can inflict damage on those who do self-govern. This is the purpose behind law.

Finally, being self-directed and self-governing isn’t enough. Time and chance happen. As Solomon said, “Fear God and keep His commandments; for this is the whole duty of man.” It’s comforting.


Science is the exploration of the universe to describe the laws of nature and nature’s God. If “science” tells us that we must control nature, then it’s not science: it’s a small brain trying to convince itself that it’s important and is in control. That’s what we give up when we mature, the necessity and desire to control. We give it up for the belief and faith that the value of human life is immeasurable, and thus the ultimate goal. So each person must be self governing, and determining their own direction.


Being physically stronger means you can lift more weight. Spiritual strength is the same.

Physical fitness is a big industry. Rightly so, it’s good to be fit. Spiritual fitness is also big industry. Is going to church the same as going to the gym? At the gym you sweat. At church you doze to the pleasant drone of the spiritual leader.

It’s better to do the right thing every day to exercise your spiritual strength because that’s the same as physical strength training.

There’s nothing wrong with going to church, and it can be very helpful based on personal circumstance. However it’s not strength training because it doesn’t make you sweat.

PS. If going to church does make you sweat, then it’s time to improve your spiritual posture…

Precious Metals

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is changing collateral requirements for long-term assets. Essentially, if I understand the financial gobble-gobble, all LBMA banks in England will be required to distinguish between and track unallocated and allocated assets in separate buckets. Banks that make loans on unallocated assets, will be required to have a higher amount of collateral. This probably means that unallocated assets will disappear from reserves, which means many people that think they own gold in the custody of some bank, will instead find out they own nothing.

Will this cause a stampede to physical precious metals? Hard to tell, but it certainly removes one of the major ways banks suppress assets. The principle is, possession in 9/10ths of the law.


Evidence of fraudulent elections continues. The Biden administration first cancelled the probe into the origins of the China Flue, and then reversed course demanding a report in 90 days from “intelligence” agencies after public outcry.

A popular president would not need to reverse course – the majority of citizens would agree with their agendas, policies, and orders. However, the Biden administration is having to proceed cautiously and is making missteps.

There is a deeper story here. The Biden administration should not need to cancel the probe. As Senator Cruz noted, people that have lost loved ones to the China Flu deserve an answer. To my simple mind, the best excuse for cancelling the probe is cost, but it’s likely the cancellation is the result of far more nefarious reasons. This method of operation is very common with US Government – cover up, and cover up the cover up.

Similar to the recounts in Georgia and Arizona – Governor’s Kemp and Ducey respectively. Ducey is the Chairman of the Republican Governor’s Association. Kemp is the head of the election integrity committee. Both are “not aiding,” if not out right obstructing audits of votes in their States. Why would they object? To my simple mind, the best excuse for not supporting and audit is cost, but it’s likely the obstruction is the result of far more nefarious reasons. Yes, I repeat myself.

In the end, something is fishy. Very fishy. The Biden administration is acting like it wasn’t fairly elected, and the Republican Governor’s Association, is helping with the cover up. The principle is all men are created equal by natural law. Each man’s destiny is determined by their actions and the culture they surround themselves with. What can I, and what can you do to expose the fish? If we don’t expose the fish, we are complicit. Not as complicit as the Republican Governor’s Association, but complicit.


It has become quite confusing to sort through modern “principles.” The reason is principles have been abandoned in favor of ideology. A principle is a comprehensive and foundational law, doctrine, or assumption. An ideology is a characteristic of the thinking by a person, group, or culture. Immediately, based on these definitions, thank you Merriam, the difference between principles and ideology is exposed.

The United States was founded on a few principles. These include self-governance and self-determination. In other words, freedom to pursue life, liberty, and happiness, as long as that pursuit doesn’t impinge on other people’s freedom. This principle wasn’t new when the United States was founded, but it was uncommon to be held in such high regard. Before the United States, there was always a ruling body, perhaps a King or a Political Party. That body wasn’t beholden to the citizens of the nation, that body ruled to maintain the power of the body – ideology.

Today you can see the difference between a principled approach to government versus and ideological approach to government all nations claiming to be republics. The People’s Republic of China claims to be representative, democratically elected, etc. The United States claims to be representative, democratically elected, etc. The difference is PRoC is ruled by a Marxist ideology, while the United States is ruled by principle.

Well, at least the United States is supposed to be ruled by principle. That’s the lesson for today. The United States is rapidly giving up rule by principle. Instead of holding freedom, and human life, as the greatest principles, the citizens and ruling parties are substituting ideology. For instance, “biological rights” are not a principle, they are an ideology. They are based on group-thinking instead of natural law.

There are an infinite number of consequences of adopting ideology. A few recent ones are riots based on ideology, wars based on ideology, plague based on ideology, economic uncertainty based on ideology, scarcity based on ideology; need I list more? A wise reader mentioned that he didn’t understand the causal link between current American leadership and the upheaval in society. I don’t claim to understand it either, but principle versus ideology is definitely a factor.