True Love

Love isn’t just an emotion, it’s an action. The best way I can show people I love them is to act in their best interest.

First take care of your relationship with the Creator. Then take care of your immediate and extended families. Take care of your community by taking care of the motherless, fatherless, widows, poor, and elderly.

A Hard Life

Life isn’t hard. The choices we make result in a hard life. Don’t blame difficulties on life, blame it on your choices.

One caveat: life is also random. You can’t predict random, and random does happen. The countless millions who are aborted didn’t have a choice. Their mothers did.


“Socialism is where the workers control the economy. Not the capitalists that are at the top.” — Random YouTube

Then how do you depose, dispose, denigrate, remove, or otherwise destroy the socialists who are at the top?

The principle is there are truths. Everything else needs to be measured against truth. Once truth becomes relative, then it’s no longer truth: I call that opinion.


It used to be that all Americans were equally governed by the law. Black Lives Matter is fundamentally flawed because All Lives Matter: especially the lives of women and children. I hesitate to start a list of all the people that have not received justice because of ridiculous partisan beliefs.

As soon as the courts became a weapon of politics, the courts lost their position as a fair arbitrator of disputes. Now we are at the point where justice in America is swayed by who has political power, or who has appointed the most justices. That’s completely wrong and off base. A justice should be a-political.

In the fight to regain equality – equality before the law; remember that justice is a human right. It can be denied for a time, but it cannot be denied forever. When your governor, or other politician, demands you wear a mask, it is your duty to ascertain the benefits and risks, and then make your own decision.

My decision is to never wear a mask as a bent knee to ill-founded policy decisions. What’s your decision? Are you bound by law to obey policy?

No Jail

Nobody’s going to jail – start your list, but first is probably Bush Senior, dead; followed by tricky Clinton; Bush Junior? Sure; Comey, Strozk, Page, Clapper, the list is too long…. Ever again. No jail. Ever again. Except you and me. We’re little people. We’re being destroyed. There’s no such thing as justice. There’s no such thing as right or wrong. So how do you live?

You don’t. You subsist.

Read More: Elie Wiesel Night. Amazon capitalizes on that book (ad). Otherwise his book “Night” was the bottom of the page for me.


This is an old, old topic, and there is a present push to try to normalize new behaviors to reduce stigma. In Montana, Governor Bullock has requested that all State employees wear masks while indoors, except while at their desks, to help normalize that behavior. While good data is extremely hard to find, a principle is that if a behavior needs to be normalized there’s something wrong. Consider the following activities that have been “normalized” in my lifetime:

  • The fight against smoking.
  • Wearing seat belts while driving.
  • Wearing a helmet while skiing, bicycling, or motorcycle riding.
    • Or leaning back in a chair…
  • Using credit cards instead of cash.
    • And making government benefit cards look exactly like credit cards…
  • Marijuana is an acceptable narcotic.

So you can see, there’s a mixture of some potentially beneficial, and some potentially harmful behaviors that have been normalized. The context that is missing, is that positive trends in society will gain traction as part of everyday life. On the contrary, negative trends gain traction through totalitarianism.


Dear President Trump,

You have suffered a tremendous loss. I offer you my prayers and condolences.

God bless,


Cinnamon Girl

You heard it here first. Joe Biden’s campaign song is “Cinnamon Girl” with Neil Young and Crazy Horse.


You can’t trust anything. Oh, you think you trust God? When was the last time He spoke with you? When did you really commune with God?

Here’s the conundrum. If you think God spoke to you, you’re delusional. If you think you speak with God, list the results. The last recorded case I know of is the apostle John: approximately 2000 years ago.

I don’t take this lightly. Since then? Atrocities. How many souls must die, according to your religious vernacular?

What is the value of life?

That is the heart of the matter. Every heart, every soul, every life, every being, is precious. Life or death.