Control Part 3

The banksters are having a field day. These are professional grifters that run “major” banks in the United States. The primary grifter is the Federal Reserve, which true to America life, is neither Federal nor a Reserve. The last resurrection of the Fed was in 1913. I say resurrection because the Fed had been in existence through multiple forms and “charters” since very early in the America experiment: it is the third official “central bank,” and has many more unofficial roles under different names previously. Make no mistake it is a private institution that does not have any oversight.

Ron Paul pushed the famous “audit the Fed” initiative as part of his presidential campaign, and as part of his duties as a representative. This initiative was meant to grant oversight to the Fed. Primarily it would have “authorized the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to audit the Fed’s dealings with foreign governments and central banks, their discount window operations, reserves of member banks, securities, credit, interest on deposits and open market transactions.” Congress did not pass that bill even though the Dodd-Frank act found that the Fed committed over 16 trillion dollars to foreign banks and politically influential companies between 2007 and 2010.

Simply put the Fed is too big to fail, and there isn’t basic oversight on an institution that largely controls the monetary supply in the US. It also has a massive impact overseas, but that’s another story.

However, the Fed isn’t the only bank known for corruption. JP Morgan was fined nearly a billion dollars due to their manipulation of precious metals markets. Many in the industry viewed this as a slap on the wrist. Although JP Morgan said the individuals involved were no longer with the firm, no one lost their job or was personally held accountable over this massive fraud. JP Morgan’s actions are part of a continued stream of theft, manipulation, and dishonesty by the mainstream banks. In other words, there is no reason I call out JP Morgan, look up Wells Fargo creating accounts without customer’s consent.

The corruption of “private” banks, combined with the corruption of the Federal Reserve, and the overarching Federal government attempt to assert more control over citizens, is a very interesting combination. Recent legislation proposes to track all transactions over $600. For reference, currently all “suspicious” transactions, and all cash transactions over $10000 are reported to the Federal government. For what reason do they want to track transactions over $600? Do you frequently and repeatedly commit fraud while paying your monthly mortgage? The Federal government wants this power to gain more control. It has nothing to do with fraud.

The impact of the continued push by the Federal government into private lives, is that small banks, such as credit unions, will be forced out of business as the cost to comply with Federal law becomes larger than their profits. This will cause a consolidation of the already consolidated banks, essentially into one bank run by the Federal government although privately owned by law, but run by the Feds. Pure fascism.

What can you do? Become your own bank, eliminate all debt, and realize that every dollar is in fact a “Treasury Reserve Note” – an instrument of debt.


Life as an experience is fleeting, but human life is invaluable.

As we bounce from day to day, trying to make life easier, attempting to understand cause and effect, observing the world around us to find comfort, that part of life is fleeting. It’s miniscule. We’re here and then we’re gone.

Another part of life, is the struggle to derive meaning. To figure out why man exists and why such a glorious physical universe surrounds us. To find reason and rationalize our existence. That existential part of human life is invaluable.

This is why the Jews in Treblinka came to realize that they had to sacrifice everything, including much of their belief – but not their faith. They knew they had to give up everything to live the existential part of life, not the physical piece. Their culture and heritage was being exterminated by the Nazis, and for them to continue to have existential meaning, even the physical life had to be preserved.

Understanding the value of the existential, the Jews transcended the physical and became immortal. This is the same way that good triumphs over evil, and why evil will never prevail. Evil is not existential, it’s fleeting, short sighted, and self serving. Good, on the other hand, is immortal, productive, and beneficial for all. In very odd but appropriate words, good increases the universe while evil destroys the universe.

In review of Adam Clarke’s Commentary on Revelation 12:11, he postulates that Christians overcame the red dragon because they fought in the armor of God. His statement is far to nebulous to understand what he really means, but it is correct to say that Christians overcame the red dragon because they were righteous – immortal, productive, and beneficial for all. It is also correct to say that Christians overcome because they transcend above the physical.

Control Part 2

There is another kind of control. In the last post on control, that kind of control is maintained through the illusory power of fear. But where does the lust for power and the desire to create fear come from? Insanity.

Very similar to the two trees in the garden of Eden, where one tree granted eternal life, and the second tree allowed mankind to decide what is right and what is wrong, there isn’t a middle road where God could allow another set of beings to live eternally while defining law. Adam and Eve had to be thrust from the garden because eternal life on top of the right and responsibility to set the standard for good versus evil would have caused eternal damnation for mankind. Adam and Eve had proven they did not hold the same objectives as God, they became insane.

Today the same problem exists. Free thinkers, people who believe in equality of justice, people who want to build everyone around them, people who desire peace, people who want to work, these people cannot understand why such evil exists in modern society. The corruption of every institution of society is sickening. We cannot understand why anyone would want to corrupt those institutions. Neither can we understand why those institutions want to remain corrupt. To what end?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a rational end. The end is death, desolation, and destruction. The end is insanity itself. It’s an eternal battle. A battle between good and evil; justice and injustice; moral and immoral; eternity and death.

This is the battle we face daily, and it’s not a battle that exists only in our physical and human experience. The universe quakes as the human experience causes upheaval. Light shines and dims as humans progress and regress. What we see, experience, and do, has eternal impact.

Don’t try to address or comprehend insanity. God himself could not and cannot coexist with insanity, and neither can we.

Isaiah 26:9 With my soul have I desired thee in the night; yea, with my spirit within me will I seek thee earnestly: for when thy judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world learn righteousness.

American Standard Version. 1995 (Is 26:9). Oak Harbor, WA: Logos Research Systems, Inc.

Jan 6 2020 Part 2

There’s an absolute ton of misinformation about the 1/6/2020 protest. Yes it was largely a protest. There were some people that committed crimes and they should be held accountable. Was there domestic terrorism? No. The definition of terrorism is using intentional violence to achieve political aims, especially against citizens. No intent, no terrorism.

Facts you probably don’t know and should. Brian Sidnik is still believed to have been shot, beaten, or otherwise assaulted during the protest. He was not, he suffered a stroke and died of natural causes after the protest. No other officer’s death has been linked to the protest.

Second, I do not know if Ashly Babbit entered through a door, a broken window, forced her way in, or was invited inside. I observed Capitol Police removing the barriers and inviting people inside. It’s very difficult to make a misdemeanor charge of trespassing stick when a person was invited in.

Third, and most important, the event was a setup. Everyone was used as a political pawn. The protest at the Washington Monument focused on the President’s speech at the Ellipse was the protest. What followed that the Capitol was a disgrace. Not a single person should have entered the building. I was appalled that people were on the Capitol. Never-the-less, every media outlet has lied and will continue to lie about 1/6/2020. There are a very few reports that mirror the reality, but if you want the truth, you’ll have to ferret it out for yourself.


The Nazis had a very difficult problem on their hands. The Jewish people represented a group of individuals who would not and could not support the goals of the Nazi empire. In fact it’s entirely impossible, given the Jews’ traditions, culture, and religion, for a third Reich to be established by the Nazis.

That means the common understanding that the Nazis were exterminating the Jews to ensure pure bloodlines has an element of truth, but isn’t the root reason. The Jews had to be exterminated because it’s impossible to have a third Reich and Jews. Jesus was a Jew, and the third Reich would have to recognize the Messiah as a Jew which means no third Reich. Do you see the conundrum?

Therefore the atrocities committed by the Nazis had to occur if there was to be a third Reich. So the Nazis established interment camps – dare I call them quarantine camps? The Jews had to be identified, isolated, and eliminated, or else the Nazis could not achieve their goals.

What should be very startling, is that the same need to identify, isolate, and eliminate a segment of society so that a fourth Reich, or whatever name you wish to place on the globalist agenda, can be established. The free thinking people who will not blindly accept vaccination, critical race theory, Marxism, government mandates, executive orders, etc., need to be exterminated before a fourth Reich can exist. Freedom and liberty are polar opposites of slavery and government control.

That is the root of what’s happing in America today. Those people, collectively “we the people,” who think critically, who do not accept “expert” advice without proof, who demand truth, who demand justice, who demand morals, must be identified. That makes the true purpose of the China Flu, the disgusting withdrawal from Afghanistan, the push for ideology instead of objective truth, the brainwashing by media and big tech, come to light. The purpose is to identify those people who will resist; those people who stand for individual freedom, self-governance, and self-direction; those free people who love liberty and are willing to sacrifice everything for liberty; those people who must be exterminated by the minions of Satan to achieve “new world order.”

Please put your thinking caps on. Let me know what you think. This lens is really helping me keep my mental, emotional, and spiritual health. With it I can begin to predict what else evil spirits and people will try to control in their march to enslave the world. I can predict what their next steps are. I can separate what matters from the distractions constantly bombarding us.

One example: why did the Democrat party elect Joe Biden? They literally need someone that is so decrepit, so mentally wasted, so ill, that he will do their evil work without suffering more major mental health issues. The Nazis had the same issue: it was too personal for a Nazi to shoot a Jew in the back of the head: they began recognizing necks. The Nazis couldn’t keep doing it: it destroyed their mental health. So they invented gas chambers. Joe doesn’t have any mental health. It’s completely destroyed – therefore he is controllable and will do massively evil things without further mental degradation. Although, recent signs show that some of his actions are even causing him further mental degradation.

Jan 6 2020

What really happened at 1/6/2020? It was a trap. Subversive elements where planted in the crowd. I know I was there, I did not enter or even touch the Capitol building. I had attended many Trump rallies before, and the Trump crowd was very polite although intense. At all his rallies, it was amazing to talk to other people from all over the world because they understood the moment: it was a choice of liberty or tyranny. A vote for Biden was a vote for tyranny, a vote for Trump was a vote for freedom.

On 1/6 the crowd was different. Lots of pot smokers, dirty people, and ill-mannered. I figured it was just DC. I was wrong. These people were the plants. They were there to rile up the crowd and cause problems. They were funded, they were organized, they had a purpose. The only other group that was organized was a bunch of people from China that were trying to get signatures to raise awareness of the horrors in that country.

The rest of the crowd was just a crowd. We came because Trump asked us, and we believe in liberty. We wanted justice.

Now the FBI (Federal Blunderers Incorporated), after the Beattie report, is dropping the issue like a hot potato – move along nothing to see here.

So what’s going on? The event was not planned. There wasn’t a riot or insurrection. There were a number of people doing things they shouldn’t. But if there was a theme, it was that our government is standing on our necks. They will continue to stand on our necks until they are forced to be accountable. Seek peace!


How many world events occur randomly? Do you think that world events are unplanned? Are they the result of unpredictable and impulsive influences? Or, is a withdraw from Afghanistan a planned event? Was January 6th 2021 a fluke? Was there a central plan?

I’ve never really heard of Lara Logan before, but she makes an excellent point, that the disaster in Afghanistan is the result of someone’s plan. We may not know who is making the plan, but certainly someone intended to withdraw from Afghanistan, and they intended for it to be a disaster.

Knowing that Biden is corrupted by China means one explanation is Joe wanted to withdraw and give the Afghanistan assets to China. I say that, but it may be that Joe is so incompetent – he literally doesn’t realize that he is responsible – that he is simply continuing his foolish ways. But that doesn’t mean that someone else isn’t playing Joe for the fool he is.

Regardless, Joe has shed innocent blood and will continue to shed innocent blood. What insanity pushed a single person to vote for this fool?

President Trump saw this coming, as did many of us. At 1/6/2020 Trump asked Pence to send the votes back to the states, and let the states decide if their votes were corrupt. Some states, such as Wisconsin, had asked for that to happen. Pence declined, Trump demurred, and America has fallen. This is not a random event. It was planned.


“Today I set before you life and death, blessing and cursing. Choose life that you and your descendants may live.” – God who latter became the Messiah

Everyday the choices we make determine the future. A poor choice inevitably leads to bad things. A good choice leads to good things. In these terms, it should be apparent that each choice we make through the day has consequences.

Another way to think about it, is today’s disaster is the result of poor choices made in the past. One big way the United States has lost it’s greatness, is by turning away from God. An obvious manifestation of that choice is the continued, and often complete, breakdown of the family. Far too many people don’t have the support structure to get an education, then a job, and finally a spouse. Their family has been unable to give them the support, perhaps the confidence, or the feedback to constantly make good decisions.

To contemplate this fault, let us consider why is abortion is an issue. There are many things that are broken that lead to abortion. First, many people no longer value human life. It’s my body and my choice, unless it’s your body, then it’s still my choice – a gentle jab at the SARS-COV-2 fear-mongers. Second, much of humanity has turned to hedonism – seeking pleasure and only for the moment. This ignores the observable truth that it takes real effort to improve the world for everyone. Third, society as a whole has embraced perversion. Our art, literature, and music, are filled with obscene themes and concepts rather than elevating physical, mental, and emotional beauty. Fourth, we no longer respect our elders. We stuff our parents and grandparents into homes, rather than learning from their vast experience. Worse, people like Andrew Cuomo, used nursing homes as literal death camps – exterminating the greatest body of life experience. Fifth, too few people believe in some sort of afterlife; pick your version: heaven, hell, reincarnation. To some degree it doesn’t matter which brand of religion forms a person’s beliefs. Most emphasize the importance of living a good life now, and a good life in the future.

Perhaps abortion isn’t the perfect social issue to examine when talking about the breakdown of the family. Regardless, it certainly shows that the major influences in “modern” life are detrimental to the family – no babies, no families. There are many more influences that are negative: politics, ideology, even inflation. The combination of the forces is pushing the family towards oblivion, but by making good choices we can reverse this trend. Every day we have the opportunity to make good choices, and often the opportunity to correct poor choices made yesterday. Let’s make good choices. Our families depend on it.

“Today I set before you life and death, blessing and cursing. Choose life that you and your descendants may live.” – God who latter became the Messiah


While the debate rages about vaccines, it’s important to remember a tag-line of the Democrat Party: “my body, my choice.” Like so many other instances, once the leftists change their goal, they contradict themselves. And, they don’t care about the contradiction. This is a classic example of tyranny. More specifically it’s yet another way the Democrats are creating slaves.

Are you better off if you take the vaccine, or refuse to take the vaccine? Many are saying that only the individual can answer that question. That each person must account for their circumstances and make their own decision, hopefully with the advice of their health care professional.

I disagree. The SARS-COV-2 virus was man made, it was unleashed deliberately, and it’s intent was to destroy life. How much life? I don’t know, but it certainly wasn’t a whoopsie. It took billions of dollars and decades to build such a weapon, and now it’s toll on life is immeasurable.

In the end, sure make your decision, but realize that your decision doesn’t matter: it’s the wrong battle. The fight is with an evil that is hell-bent on destroying civilization.

China Flu

I’ve been calling Covid-19 China Flu because of it’s origins. This outbreak did originate in China, but the development has a long sordid history. Rather that bore you with the details, I’m going to give one example of why I believe the virus is real, but I also believe the virus is a setup.

4/25/2003. The CDC filed a patent on the RNA sequence defining SARS coronavirus.

4/28/2003. Sequoia Pharmaceuticals files a patent for the vaccine of SARS coronavirus.

I frankly don’t understand how the vaccine for SARS coronavirus can be developed in three days. On the 25th, the RNA sequence was defined. On the 28th, the vaccine was patented. Seems fishy to me.

This was not SARS-COV-2 (China Flu) but SARS-COV – good old fashioned SARS.