S. 1332

It barely made the news, but it’s important to know that there are a few fiscal conservatives in the Senate. In short, Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) introduced a bill to balance the budget over the next decade by cutting 2% across the board for each of the next five years. Senator Paul did not expect the bill to pass, and it was soundly reject 69-22.

This is the type of bill that separates the wheat from the chaff despite party lines. Were your senators fiscally conservative, or did they hold the uni-party line of more government is good government? Looking at Congress and many congresses before, where is our budget?

The principle is American government must balance it’s checkbook, just like it’s citizens must balance their checkbooks.

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PS. If you want a deep dive about the real mess hiding in the US’s accounting, watch USAWatchdog.com’s interview with Catherine Austin Fitts.


Doesn’t work because it opposes the natural law of self-determination. Once you give up your God given rights, what else do you have?

AG Barr

Is in a tough spot. However, everyone is in a tough spot, but many don’t know it. Here’s the thing: AG Barr is unwittingly setting up a defense for the black souls that committed treason, sedition, and other such crimes, based on their thinking that they were only doing their job. Or in other words, they had very good intentions, and might have overstepped their boundaries due to good will.

Bologna. Good men and women consistently do the right thing because they understand and believe in the principles of free society. If Barr is correct and Comey was simply trying to work in the best interest of the citizens of the United States, then neither Comey, nor Barr, understand that all Americans are capable and able to understand the most difficult machinations of foreign and domestic interests. If Americans aren’t, then we will not survive.

In other words the government must serve the people.

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This is a response to a couple emails received from my readers. Thank you for the thought provoking articles and emails!

More harm has been done in the name of religion than under any other banner. The reason religion is so damaging is that it is used to reduce and remove personal responsibility. That directly conflicts with the universal need for people to be self-directed and self-reliant; plotting their own future and relying on themselves to make a purposed and intended future happen.

In the US, the split between church and state has had unintended consequences. The original intent was to allow people to choose their own religious experience because diversity of ideas is a very good thing – assuming it’s done in an open and consensus building forum. However, driving norms out of American society in the name of religious tolerance is destroying Western culture. For instance, the gross ignorance expressed by Ilhan Omar concerning CAIR and 9/11 demonstrates that she is guided by the principles of Islam rather than Christianity. 9/11 was and is a tragedy that has yet to be reconciled: the guilty have not received just retribution, nor have they redeemed their actions through repentance. Now we have a member of Congress that clearly doesn’t understand the religious principles that underpin America, and is at odds with the majority of her peers. (And I’d guess she’s at odds with her constituents, but who knows about Minnesota?) The point being that one of the most important national assemblies, dare I say a church?, is internally conflicted and is no longer an open and consensus building forum.

I conclude that religion is necessary, but that the historical institutions of religion, churches, are nearly always corrupting influences rather than beacons of enlightenment. You can see the slow degradation of Congress as an example, or check out the track record of Christianity in teaching abstinence as the only contraceptive unmarried couples should need.

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There are two questions that you should be able to answer every evening after work. Did you do good work? Did you do the right work?

I’ve worked the past several years for State government. I find most people can self-assess and answer if they did good work. However, I get a lot of blank looks when I ask if they have done the right work.

This is a classic result of missing leadership. Without leadership, it’s very difficult to know if you’re doing the right work.


Money is a medium for exchange. It’s a great way to exchange known value to fill perceived needs.

Gold backed money, because the total quantity of gold is limited and it’s impossible to extract an infinite amount, is stable.

Fiat money, is issued by “authorities” any time they feel like it.

The US stopped backing the dollar with gold, because we didn’t have enough gold. No the US issues more dollars when they think it’s a good idea. But, let’s go back to the purpose of money: exchange known value. The problem with the US dollar, is it doesn’t have known value.

New American Right

This is in response to an article sent to me by a reader. Thank you for the article!

At their core, political tags are a useful tool to describe ideology. So when those tags are refined it takes a great deal of education to define and describe the new tag. And inevitably, when the new tags are being explained, they raise a large number questions. In the end, I self identify as being on the American Right, but I disagree with the author’s description of each group. I also can’t figure out which group of the New American Right I identify with the most.

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Every culture’s survival directly correlates to their adherence with natural law. No one has survived an attempt to defy gravity. If you doubt that, stand up, then pick up both feet at the same time. The outcome is predictable and certain.

Love is the same. If you don’t develop mutual respect with your neighbors, the outcome is predictable and certain.

If America continues to be lawless, the outcome is predictable and certain.

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By their fruits

Most Americans knew the Russian Collusion narrative was a sham from the start. They knew that because: (a) Trump has nothing to gain, personally, from the presidency; and (b), he certainly has nothing to gain from a relationship with Russia.

Part of the allure of Trump was that his campaign was an obvious agenda to fix some things he feels are very wrong in America. It wasn’t a bid for social status, political clout, or feeding his ego, as so many campaigns are. In addition, measuring a man by his enemies, it was – and is – obvious that he’s making the right people very angry.

Second, It’s hard to imagine what collusion with Russia would look like. What do they have that we want? Corruption? Extremely weak and fragile economy? Living conditions? Hmm… Instead the Russian Collusion narrative has always seemed to be projection by the guilty onto the Trump presidency.

The principle, in all that, is accomplishments predict the quality of a person. So far, Trump is a good person if you’re a proponent of government by the people and for the people.

Basics of Society

Hoopla. Sane people clearly recognize that there’s a very foul stench emanating from Washington DC. It’s unfortunate, but there are so many “big” stories, that it’s hard to keep an eye on what’s important and what’s drivel. The fight for humanity, however, can be distilled down to a few ideas:

  • Safety. I’m not sure what the warmongers (Congressmen and Senators) hope to accomplish, but secure borders are essential. More essential than wars in Irag, Afganistan, Lebanon, Jordan, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, and Egypt. Special Operations Forces are deployed to about 135 nations…
  • Justice. Treason and sedition are extremely destructive crimes. As is murder, but by now there have been so many…
  • Economy. One leg of freedom is a solid and stable economy. A backed currency is a big help. It’s nearly impossible to understand the health of the economy. No statistic published by the government is believable…
  • Religion. A nation must hold common beliefs. Is it good to murder babies? Is God our god, or is Allah? Is mankind naturally good or evil?
  • Education. The US continues to slide. I’m shocked at how little is being taught, and what is taught is becoming a battleground for ideology instead of basics that allow critical thinking.

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