Mirror Effect

If everyone else is wrong, perhaps it’s me? I often find that people react oddly because of something odd that I have done. In fact, often I can change a zero or negative-sum interaction to a positive-sum outcome by changing my approach. So when you’re in the thick of things, take a little time to think about how to get a win-win situation for everyone. Most often, changing your own approach will yield the outcome you desire.

The Best Thing in Life

Is friendship. Cultivate a few really good friends, and one best friend. Marry your best friend. It’s likely that family will comprise most of your good friends.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

The United States was founded by groups of people with similar ethical view points. The pillars of their ethics were honesty and integrity. As those values are lost, the objectives of life, liberty, and happiness will also be lost.

Conservatives are being silenced, and so we will have entire generations that don’t realize that personal responsibility is a requirement of ordered, polite, and pleasant life experiences.

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The Bill of Rights

It seems to get lost in the shuffle, that the first ten amendments to the constitution are the “Bill of Rights”. James Madison proposed those ten amendments to address concerns of anti-federalists – people who thought the constitution didn’t contain enough protection of individual versus federal rights. For example the first amendment protects the freedom of speech and practice of religion. This is an example of an area the constitution doesn’t address, and Madison felt the need to expressly prohibit the federal government from encroaching on natural law.

Another important issue that Bill of Rights addresses is that rights are not granted to citizens by the government. This also results from the necessity to address limitations of the constitution. Consider the Declaration of Independence: “that all men are created … with certain unalienable Rights”. And again the concept that government derives it’s authority from the consent of the governed. These ideas underscore that the Bill of Rights expresses that US Citizens expect our natural rights to be respected, and that the government has no power over those rights.

It’s vitally important that US Citizens remember that the government exists to serve us. Government does not and cannot exist to limit rights, even when it acts in the “public’s best interest.” It’s also important to remember that natural rights cannot be voted against. That’s the sharp separation between natural and civil law. Natural law cannot be defied, removed or restricted, while civil law is supposed to be a collection of good ideas.

In closing, I generally disagree with Judge Napolitano – his Trump Derangement Syndrome is clouding his thinking – however, he did write an excellent article on God given rights: A Few Words About Guns and Personal Liberty.


The relationship with God and your family is what gets you through hard times. Living a righteous life give you the moral and ethical fortitude to keep your relationships with your family, and community. That’s why it’s so important to really pay attention to what God tells us through Natural Law and the Bible. Second, pay close attention to your loved ones. They have your best interests in mind, and will also prove to be a great wealth of advice and companionship.

After that, go ahead and start thinking about “prepping.”

Natural Law

Being immutable is one of the fantastic and reassuring aspects of Natural Law. That means it hasn’t changed, isn’t changing, and never will change.

A practical example is the accumulation of bad debt. The Israelites used a jubilee year to regularly clean up bad debts. The United States has had periods where debts were forgiven, or to think about it in other terms, poor investments were corrected. Typically these periods are associated with recessions, but that’s not always the case. However, the current “on-the-book” debt for the Unites States is $22,000,000,000. There are two ways you should assess this.

First, since the entire global economy is based on debt, once the “bad” debt begins to be forgiven, there will be a flight from less valuable currencies to more valuable currencies. This is called Graham’s law, but it’s likely that Graham was observing natural law and describing the natural “thermodynamics” of currency. To put this in perspective, once the United States begins to default on debt, there will be a massive selling of the dollar. This is one cause of hyper-inflation.

Second, take out any dollar bill. Right on the front, at the top it says “Federal Reserve Note.” (FRN) Most people overlook that our dollars literally say they are a note – a type of promise. Originally, this was because the FRN was redeemable for gold. However this is not that case any more. If all the printed dollars were to be backed with gold, an ounce of gold would be worth about $87,000. Gold is a good investment, except that it is the most manipulated market on earth.

Listen to more: Bill Holter & Jim Sinclair – Gold $87,000 per ounce at least

A Conflicted FBI

The FBI has reached another incredible conundrum: how do you maintain an image of moral superiority and push homosexual rights at the same time? The answer is, you can’t.

Homosexuals are not currently at any disadvantage. The principle is equality before the law. If the law is “discriminatory” then its up to the individual to change their personal behavior. The law is very clear that murder is a bad thing. The law is also clear that marriage between a man and a woman is a good thing. In both of these cases, US law mirrors natural law. The law should discourage homosexual marriage, because that would mirror natural law.

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Trust your instincts

President Trump has exemplified an excellent trait of leaders: talk to a wide variety of people, and then make up your own mind. Trump clearly has staff and advisers that cover a wide range of opinions. Mr Bolton seems to consistently promote the use of military might to achieve desired outcomes, while President Trump himself seems to be in favor of proportionate responses. Many leaders do this same thing: talk to the people, find out their opinions, then shape a rational and reasoned path forward.

S. 1332

It barely made the news, but it’s important to know that there are a few fiscal conservatives in the Senate. In short, Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) introduced a bill to balance the budget over the next decade by cutting 2% across the board for each of the next five years. Senator Paul did not expect the bill to pass, and it was soundly reject 69-22.

This is the type of bill that separates the wheat from the chaff despite party lines. Were your senators fiscally conservative, or did they hold the uni-party line of more government is good government? Looking at Congress and many congresses before, where is our budget?

The principle is American government must balance it’s checkbook, just like it’s citizens must balance their checkbooks.

Read More: Roll Call Vote 116th Congress – 1st Session Measure S. 1332

PS. If you want a deep dive about the real mess hiding in the US’s accounting, watch USAWatchdog.com’s interview with Catherine Austin Fitts.


Doesn’t work because it opposes the natural law of self-determination. Once you give up your God given rights, what else do you have?