Divine Rights

The United States’ Declaration of Independence states “that they [men] are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.”  Like all philosophical assertions, this statement is only true if an assumption, at least one, is agreed to: rights are conditional on accepting responsibility.  Another way of saying that, is my right to freedom is conditional on my adherence to a social contract.  In the US that contract is primarily the golden rule: treat others like you want them to treat you.

People Builder

The military build up of China, and Russia’s defiance are forcing the United States to respond.  Thus, the United States needs to make the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty obsolete and irrelevant.    However it’s a strong possibility that the US response is primarily militaristic in nature.  In a healthy society, education, economy, and there-by productivity, should automatically check aggression.  The principle is, build your people, and the rest will follow.

Actions and Words

A deranged person, or persons, has delivered multiple items resembling bombs to well-known political figures.  This action fuels “left” verus “right” and “provocative rhetoric” banter.   Despite motive, this action is deplorable.  Despite political affiliation, this person is against America’s principles.  Despite influence, this party is accountable.  People are responsible for their actions.

Delivering bombs breaches the US social contract and sooner or later the person or group involved will lose their rights.

Accountability leads liberty

A good friend of mine was deeply troubled by the unscrupulous and scurrilous accusations directed at Judge Kavanaugh.  They made her mad enough that she was motivated to action; not only did she contact her senators, but she also exhorted those of us gathered to contact our congressional delegation as well.  Her concern centered around the neglect of due process.  I share her concern, and I did contact my senators.  Due process exemplifies that accountability is necessary for liberty.