Conservatives in Battle

I’m seeing lots of articles suggesting there is a one sided civil war. Or even more nuanced articles about conservatives needing to stand up. Here’s the thing: conservatives, by definition, are working their tails off to keep the peace by doing their jobs.

The case of Minneapolis city council members hiring private security while they vote to disband police, provides stark contrast. The basis of civilization is law. Natural law. Then the society is shaped by common and civil law. Beyond that, it’s rules and regulations of bureaucracy – in the case of the United States.

So what does a war mean to a conservative? Never, never, never, contemplate the horrors of war.

By a thread

The entire world is dangling by a single thread. That thread is the rule of law in America. It is the noose that goes around treasonous necks. It is the expedient trial by a jury of peers. It is justice for all. It is the full support of the US Constitution. It is fair and equitable rules for each and every individual.


There’s never a bad time to tell someone close to you that you love them. Life is extremely uncertain and too short.

There are a lot of ways to express love, find a way that works for you and them. Nothing like spending a few hours digging holes, putting up fence, planting, or repairing.

“Justice” Roberts

It’s going to be interesting to see how the balance of power between Church and State plays out. Justice Roberts has agreed that safety as defined (or maybe declared is a better word) by state government, overrides the right of US Citizens to freely attend religious services. He’s completely wrong. Your right to commune with the Creator cannot be denied by any man or entity. Obviously neither Justice Roberts, nor the other four consenting judges, understand the results of attempting to limit individual’s access to their Creator.

The God of the Old Testament, in my opinion, was also the being that became the man we call the Messiah. That Being became a man because it takes a true God to experience our pain, and do it perfectly, so that a standard can be set. With that singular expression of perfection, mankind was placed on notice that worldly governments, desires, etc., have no power over God. Except for, of course, Justice Roberts and the four other ding-dongs who claim to be members of the so-called supreme court.

Hogwash. Blackstone is perfectly clear, and perfectly correct, that the immutable body of law is natural law: God’s law. The rest of “law,” common and case, are simply rules made by men to try shape society in a way that makes sense to them.

Fact Checking

So many great books have been written about censorship, and the evil that quickly grows out of it. This week, let’s remember that no-one of sound mind, good health, and not under duress, should blindly believe anything anyone else says. It is our duty to be well educated, and always apply our personal experience and knowledge to decide if we’re being told the truth, or if it’s a packet of lies.

Prager University lost a lawsuit trying to get uncensored on YouTube. Their legal complaint was that YouTube can’t be both a “public forum” and also a “private platform”. I admit the legalese is pretty difficult for me to understand, but I think they contended that a company can’t cherry-pick between the conflicting rights. YouTube claims to be a public forum, so they don’t need to have any liability for what’s posted on their site. They also claim to be a private platform so they can censor any content they deem appropriate. Who’s right?

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Efficient Spending

I think this is from Milton Friedman, but it’s definitely from the Austrian-School of economics:

The most efficient way to spend money, is for someone to spend their own money on something they need. The second most efficient way to spend money is for someone to spend their own money on something that someone else needs. The least efficient way to spend money is for someone to spend someone else’s money on something someone else needs.

It is Milton Friedman, but my memory is a paraphrase.

One principle from this quote is that all government spending is the least efficient way to spend money. That’s why it cost $6,200 to distribute $1,200 to each U.S. citizen. My guess is that the China Flu response will go down as the worst decision ever made by the U.S. government, but our government may only be getting started…


The narrative from rioters as well as media covering the riots is closing in on “if you don’t acknowledge your white guilt, you’re responsible for the riots.” To be clear, by definition no conservative person can possibly be a rioter, or the instigator of a riot. The definition of conservative won’t allow it: the belief in individual liberty that doesn’t impinge on others, the belief in personal responsibility, the belief in self-governance, and the belief in self-direction. Those beliefs are completely incompatible with riots.

President Trump is correct, it is the radical left-wing – groups like Antifa – who are rioting, and are responsible for the riots.

Basic Belief

Everyone believes in something, however many people haven’t taken the time to identify why they hold their beliefs.

The most important belief is believing in something bigger than yourself. If you’re a Christian, that bigger belief is probably the sacrifice of Christ – right or wrong. And of all the things that are bigger than one’s self, God is certainly the best belief.

Once a person admits that there is something larger than their life, civilized society follows.


I was reading “Unplanned” by Abby Johnson, the movie had popped up a number of times in my social sphere, but I like books better, and came across the curious statement that “My heart was in the right place, but I made bad choices.” What shocked me, was Abby’s assertion that she was a moral person because she had gone to church and had a close family. Neither family or church makes a person moral. A person’s choices define their morality.

In the end, I couldn’t get past the third chapter. Abby didn’t, at least at that point, understand that principle. She had an abortion and she fully supported abortion. That’s her morality. Can people change? Surely.


Private unemployment during the China Flu rocketed over 18% to 21% total. It is realistic to expect that Public unemployment rockets over 18% to 21% total. Set an expectation of massive furloughs of Federal, State, and Local employees with your representatives. But don’t expect that it will actually happen.

And that’s because politicians and bureaucrats who believe they are saving lives are the most dangerous people. They believe in their cause, despite the reality around them. They do not have a firm grasp of history, nor do they understand the principles that enable liberty. Rather, they feel we need more government spending on health care, suffering industries, unemployment insurance, social security, etc. If only the military was adequately funded… then what? Would that keep the Chinese from unleashing pandemics on the world?

(Statistics as of 5/3/2020, and I’m sure it’ll be worse by the time this goes live)