The best way to ensure success is to set goals and actively pursue them. Too many people spend the majority of their life existing, rather than moving in a meaningful and purposeful direction. Here are a few tips to tell if you have reasonably ambitious goals, and are directing your own life:

  1. Goals must be broad enough that external help is required to achieve them. One power of religion is that it gives people a broad context for a meaningful life. That context can be used to integrate daily life with a plan that betters all humanity. I won’t go on a diatribe about false religion, suffice it to say that great art refines our understanding of natural law and the human experience.
  2. It’s shortly after the new year, and many people have set goals such as “lose weight,” or even “lose 10 pounds.” Those are tactics not goals. Losing weight needs to be tied to an outcome. Perhaps the real goal is “improve my conditioning so I can ski with my kids.” It’s important to have the “so I can ski with my kids” because achieving goals makes the currently impossible possible. Did I mention that goals should improve the human experience?
  3. Persevere. Life will throw a huge number of challenges. Some will be expected, but many will require putting one foot in front of the other until they pass. Some days getting out of bed is a victory.

Set goals, pursue them actively. As Patton said, “A good plan executed violently today, is better than a perfect plan next week.”

Baghdad Embassy Timeline

Somehow the mainstream media, and their leftist supporters have lost the timeline of what happened in Baghdad. The media is calling it another Benghazi. Benghazi makes me too mad to talk about, so I’m going to post the timeline of what happened in Baghdad, and you can make up your own mind.

  • 12/27/2019 – Iranian-backed militia attacked a US base and killed an American contractor. Many others were wounded.
  • 12/29/2019 – The US attacks and demolishes five militia based in Iraq and Syria. 25 people are killed.
  • 12/31/2019 – The US embassy in Baghdad is attacked by Iranian-backed mobs.
  • 12/31/2019 – The embassy receives air support, Apache helicopters are shown dropping flares.
  • 12/31/2019 – Iraqi soldiers help defend the embassy.
  • 12/31/2019 – 100 US Marines land. 750 more are en-route. Up to 4,000 more are in a readied state.
  • 1/1/2019 – Iranian-backed mobs disperse from tear gas.

Do you think this is another Benghazi?

Rip Roaring Economy?

The economy under Obama was the pits, and it’s the pits under Trump. The primary indicator Trump uses to support his claim is the stock market:

  • Yes the stock market is at record highs.
    • Trump gave companies an incentive to bring money back on-shore. Where do you think they put it?

The second indicator is low unemployment. Trump is correct unemployment is at a low; currently around 3.8%, or 7% depending on how you calculate it.

Workforce participation is also at a low. Only around 63% of able-bodied people are in the work force. To his credit Trump is getting more people employed, and more people back in the workforce.

A third economic indicator, manufacturing orders, may be trending down. From November 2018 to November 2019, manufacturing orders are down 1.3%.

Finally, the national debt continues to expand beyond all capability to comprehend. Year-over-year increase from November 2018 to November 2019 is 1.2 Trillion dollars.

Does the US have a rip roaring economy? You be the judge. In my opinion, Trump is trying to restore the economic stability of the US, but is facing huge headwinds.

The principle is that the government always lies. There are many indicators that I didn’t include, debt markets, and the Fed’s balance sheet being big ones, but the point has been made. A resource that you may find useful is ShadowStats.com.


Safety is one reason that drives individuals to band together and form a government. When a government does not provide for the safety of it’s citizens, then it’s citizens will begin to find other solutions. There are a few examples in the current news:

In addition, one of the major pillars of safety, the Second Amendment is under constant attack. Currently leftists in Virginia are planning to implement unconstitutional restrictions on gun ownership. Thankfully, many Virginia counties and cities are preemptively declaring themselves to be Second Amendment sanctuaries. As of writing, 85 of 95 counties have adopted to be sanctuaries.

This is typical of America today: rural areas are largely conservative, while urban areas are leftists. Urban areas promote mob rule through democracy, while the rural areas depend on security defined by the Republic’s established principles.


The United States was founded as, and still is, a democratic republic. Th e peaceful transfer of power from one president to the next is the most visible and unique characteristic of a democratic republic.

The vile leftists impeaching the President are not just attacking the President, they are also disrupting the peaceful transfer of power. They have set a precedent that politics are more important than the integrity of the republic. Their hatred of a man, has caused them to declared war against the United States itself. The United States is a republic, and attacking the republic is open warfare.

Regardless of political views, the impeachment initiative is diametrically opposed to a republic. There are many other attacks on the republic:

Do you see any patterns?

Justice for President Trump and America

Sent 12/29/2019 to Senators Jon Tester and Steve Daines

I support the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary forcing Representatives Shiff and Pelosi, plus whistle-blowers, testifying under oath about their actions and communications regarding the impeachment of duly elected President Trump. As crimes are uncovered people must be brought to justice and the scope of investigation should expand to other conspirators. The goal of the testimony should be to discover criminal activity as well as allowing President Trump to defend himself.

The inappropriate and evil impeachment itself should be dismissed by the Senate quickly, regardless of how long Democrats continue to play political games and try to cause procedural glitches. The only reason the impeachment should be considered is if it allows the Senate to bring impeachment conspirators to justice.

Congressman Nunes has clearly outlined that impeachment was based on misinformation in the Steel dossier. Many others have shown that the Muller report has no credibility. IG Horowitz has uncovered many crimes and inconsistencies committed by the Judicial Branch. I conclude that Democrats are continuing to blame others for the crimes they are committing themselves as an attempt to subvert justice. It’s an absolute outrage, and Democrats have lost all credibility.

If unopposed, the left will destroy this country, and I will support you enthusiastically as you help America restore justice, remove corruption, and end this coup.



Senator Tester responded. The response is incredible. I hope someone on his staff gives him a lesson on how the justice system in America works.

Your hands

There are many people that help us on our voyage through life. Thank God for being the prime helper! Many people, however, do not take active control over their life. To achieve desired outcomes, people have to set goals, make plans to achieve those goals, and then aggressively execute the plan.

Most people do not have goals and are simply existing. They float from job to job, and hope is their primary tactic. Their satisfaction is whimsical and fleeting. Don’t let satisfaction be temporary. Set goals, make plans, and success will be in your hands.


The majority of scholars equate the pagan practice of “passing children through the fire” with child sacrifice. Such a depraved sacrifice should be shocking and condemned in the most powerful terms. The Bible is quite clear on the penalty for this: “he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones.” However this practice lasted in the kingdom of Israel until the time of Ezekial, and continues around the world presently.

Today, many leftists continue the same practice. They sacrifice innocent children to the god of women’s rights. Abortion is a crime against humanity because it removes respect for human life. A cascading chain of consequences ensues, from losing the aborted child’s valuable skill, intellect, and experience; to valuing a human the same as a brute animal.

Democrats actively promote abortion as a woman’s right. That is evil.


Does it matter that the origin of Christmas is pagan? Most observers of Christmas feel that it’s a good change to enjoy and engage with family. They state that it’s really not a religious holiday.

My opinion is this view isn’t congruent with other Christian teachings. Most Christians confirm that Christ, the Messiah, is the most important person in all history. Christ himself observed Passover, which is a Holyday marking Christ’s death. He instructed all Christians to continue to observe the Passover as a sign of their obedience and adherence to His teaching.

Christmas is a pagan holiday that was used by emperor Constantine to try to integrate the observance of Saturnalia with the biblical Holydays, which he hoped would have the effect of making both pagan and Christian citizens more uniform.

So if I was the Son of God, and I was crucified to save humanity, I would be pretty upset that Christians choose to observe pagan holidays instead of the Holydays I taught and exemplified. The principle is do what Christ our savior did and taught.

Self Determination

Socialism, per William Bradford and the pilgrim’s experience, does not have any notion or concept of self-determination. This is one of the primary reasons that all experiments with socialism eventually fail.

Without self determination, there is no incentive to improve one’s self. It takes all passion out of work, out of productivity, out of life. If a person is engaged in a job that doesn’t interest them, they’re usually doing the job just to sustain life. They will do the bare minimum, they will not expand or grow their skills. They will become stagnate. What a horrible waste.

A stagnate population cannot support itself. Eventually all the “have-nots” consume all the wealth stored by the “haves” because the alternative for “have-nots” is death.