Your hands

There are many people that help us on our voyage through life. Thank God for being the prime helper! Many people, however, do not take active control over their life. To achieve desired outcomes, people have to set goals, make plans to achieve those goals, and then aggressively execute the plan.

Most people do not have goals and are simply existing. They float from job to job, and hope is their primary tactic. Their satisfaction is whimsical and fleeting. Don’t let satisfaction be temporary. Set goals, make plans, and success will be in your hands.


The majority of scholars equate the pagan practice of “passing children through the fire” with child sacrifice. Such a depraved sacrifice should be shocking and condemned in the most powerful terms. The Bible is quite clear on the penalty for this: “he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones.” However this practice lasted in the kingdom of Israel until the time of Ezekial, and continues around the world presently.

Today, many leftists continue the same practice. They sacrifice innocent children to the god of women’s rights. Abortion is a crime against humanity because it removes respect for human life. A cascading chain of consequences ensues, from losing the aborted child’s valuable skill, intellect, and experience; to valuing a human the same as a brute animal.

Democrats actively promote abortion as a woman’s right. That is evil.


Does it matter that the origin of Christmas is pagan? Most observers of Christmas feel that it’s a good change to enjoy and engage with family. They state that it’s really not a religious holiday.

My opinion is this view isn’t congruent with other Christian teachings. Most Christians confirm that Christ, the Messiah, is the most important person in all history. Christ himself observed Passover, which is a Holyday marking Christ’s death. He instructed all Christians to continue to observe the Passover as a sign of their obedience and adherence to His teaching.

Christmas is a pagan holiday that was used by emperor Constantine to try to integrate the observance of Saturnalia with the biblical Holydays, which he hoped would have the effect of making both pagan and Christian citizens more uniform.

So if I was the Son of God, and I was crucified to save humanity, I would be pretty upset that Christians choose to observe pagan holidays instead of the Holydays I taught and exemplified. The principle is do what Christ our savior did and taught.

Self Determination

Socialism, per William Bradford and the pilgrim’s experience, does not have any notion or concept of self-determination. This is one of the primary reasons that all experiments with socialism eventually fail.

Without self determination, there is no incentive to improve one’s self. It takes all passion out of work, out of productivity, out of life. If a person is engaged in a job that doesn’t interest them, they’re usually doing the job just to sustain life. They will do the bare minimum, they will not expand or grow their skills. They will become stagnate. What a horrible waste.

A stagnate population cannot support itself. Eventually all the “have-nots” consume all the wealth stored by the “haves” because the alternative for “have-nots” is death.

Conservative Values

When you break down conservative values into their fundamentals, there are only two:

  1. Self-governance
  2. Self-direction

If you’re looking at a complex issue, with all kinds of “expert” advice, you can determine if it’s good for America by assessing if the outcome of the issue promotes self-governance and self-direction.

Hillary Clinton was wrong, it does not take a community to raise a child, it takes parents who instill the principles of self-governance and self-direction in their children.

Free Speech

The core of America is Free Speech. If we can’t discuss current events, find common ground, and build consensus, then we’re barbaric. There are currently several direct attacks on free speech:

  1. Many conservatives are being thrown out or, or violently protested, when they attempt to discuss philosophy, ideals, morals, ethics, and current events.
  2. Many universities have safe zones, which is an organization, not a space on their campus that is anti-free speech.
  3. Planned Parenthood has won an initial court case against undercover journalists who exposed that they are harvesting baby parts from aborted fetuses.
  4. YouTube blocks Judicial Watch’s post on Representative Shiff’s Ukraine fake whistle-blower “Eric Ciamarella.” (And has scrubbed many other videos)
  5. There are many instances of people being disciplined at school for their views on President Trump.

If America is to remain the land of the free, and subsequent home of the brave, we must stand up for, and defend out right to free speech.

Spineless Congressional Delegation

A few weeks ago I wrote Montana’s Congressman Gianforte, Montana Senator Steve Daines, and Montana Senator Jon Tester. The message I sent was very simple: “I do not support the impeachment of President Trump, nor do I support any impeachment proceedings.” I did take the opportunity to request a response because this will likely be the most important political battle in my lifetime.

The responses were expected, but still shocking in their complacency.

  • Senator Tester, of course, has not responded. He has been silent on an active coup of a duly elected president. There was no Russia collusion. There was no quid pro quo with the Ukraine, despite how much the mainstream media wishes there was. Senator Tester by lack of action is complicit in this coup.
  • Senator Daines responded within a week, that “no information to date meets the threshold of impeachment.” To me that means he (his staffers to be fair) are complicit in looking for impeachable offenses. Remember that the sixth amendment guarantees a right to speed trial, and a jury by peers. A partisan impeachment inquiry held in secret, with planned leaks is diametrically opposed to that amendment. No thanks Senator Daines, you are derelict in your duty to stand up for Montanan’s principles and morals.
  • Congressman Gianforte, who failed to join the Congressmen who crashed the secret inquiry’s meeting, responded within two weeks. His staffer gave me a civics lesson on how impeachment proceedings work, with a hint that they’re not pleased with the process: “House Democrats are not allowing an open process. I believe that you have to conduct the hearings in the open and the accused should be able to defend themselves.” No thanks Congressman Gianforte, I learned civics in high school, at least you should make a statement on what you plan to do.

Both responses are attached in entirety, except I removed my home address.

When you are an elected representative, it is your duty to clearly define what you stand for, and then make your stand. None of Montana’s delegation has demonstrated that they can be bothered to show President Trump a modicum of support. I suggest we vote these slackers out wholesale, unless it means giving more power to the vile Democrat party.

PS: I have sent “A Coup” to all of Montana’s Congressional delegation… Crickets…

A Patriot

General Mike Flynn has been financially destroyed. Except for his fortuitous hiring, and the generosity of, Sydney Powell’s legal team, his personal life and probably physical health would have been destroyed as well.

The short version, which every American should learn, is that General Flynn plead guilty to charges leveled by the corrupt Deep State led by the Obama administration. He did so because his plea would force the Department of Justice to produce the materials they were using as evidence against him. During the production of those materials, the malfeasance and gross negligence of the DoJ were exposed. Counselor Powell’s team has done an excellent job of highlighting the massive lack of moral integrity in the DoJ.

General Flynn is a true patriot and has done his job fighting the evil Democrat coalition that is attempting to destroy this country. If you can, please help restore General Flynn’s financial stability.

NOTE: There are a number of illegitimate funds, according to Ms. Powell, the linked fund is the correct one.

A Republic, if you can keep it

Dr. Franklin was asked by a lady if the United States was a republic or a monarchy. Dr. Franklin’s response was “A republic if you can keep it.”

Nearly everyone I encounter are keeping their heads down, working hard to get through to the next weekend, while taking care of their family and their local community. A few of those people spend a little time to look around at society, politics, economics, industry, and other important trends. However very few people have the time or the capability to mount a continuous and momentous effort against tyranny.

This is where spiritual health is important. We must have a relationship with God so we know what we’re responsible for and what He is responsible for. God is responsible for the things we can’t possible control. Everything else is in our court.

Swamp Depth

It’s very difficult to see how deep a body of water is by looking down into it. Since light travels at different speeds depending on the medium it’s travelling through, what you see when looking in the water is completely different from what your mind is used to comprehending. So your mind isn’t prepared to make valid conclusions based on your experiences.

The same is true of the drain the swamp movement. You can’t tell how deep the swamp is from a casual glance. But you should be able to tell that it’s so deep you can’t make a rational estimate.

The principle is that you must constantly assess whether your conclusions are based on fact or perceptions.