When someone gets in trouble, think corrective or disciplinary actions, they tend to get very defensive.  I find the best approach is to try to talk through what the expectations are, and demonstrate that I’m looking at the overall picture, not isolated incidents.  I also do this with my children.  When I’m talking about honoring our elders, it is insufficient to constantly wait to be given tasks, they should anticipate need.

This is the principle, as people, we are engaged in helping our community, our family, and ourselves every day.  Rather than waiting for needs to become acute, it’s better to plan ahead and be addressing needs when they are relatively minor.  Just like an ounce of prevention versus a pound of cure.


The foundation of happy and productive society is correct and mutually held principles.  Should the United States have an “everyone is welcome to be a citizen” immigration policy?  No.  Only people who agree or, maybe, commit to agree as soon as possible with the principles that make America successful should be allowed citizenship.  This blog is dedicated to enumerating those principles.

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I was taught that Barry Goldwater was a basic left-wing lunatic in school.  I don’t know where I got that impression, nothing could be further from the truth.  He’s morally, economically, and socially conservative.  He has sound principles and articulates real issue that restrain the US.  But in today’s world, isn’t the most ridiculous label always chosen?  Don’t we wallow in a stye of absurd projections?

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It’s an American idiom, but take a moment to compare the term “creeping fascism” to “creeping capitalism.”  The former is used frequently in speech and writing, while the second is so absurd that it doesn’t make sense.  Why must fascism creep?  It creeps because fascism is a very foreign concept to most, as of writing, Americans.  Most people do not intuitively understand what fascism is, and neither do they agree with the principles of fascism.  I find this amusing because while Antifa – “against fascism” if I understand their public persona – routinely rallies against self-reliance, individualism, and moral absolutes; these are principles of capitalism – private ownership and a free market economy.  Conversely, fascism is exemplified by government control of the economy: public ownership and no economy.