The Elect

January 6, 2020 was a shot heard around the world, and I am convinced that the reverberations caused by (a) a stolen election, (b) the framing of innocent citizens as terrorists, and (c) the desolation of justice; continue to build into a cataclysmic event that can only be stopped by swift and immediate restoration of individual liberties, justice for all, and a national repentance that returns our primary allegiance to God.

No human, alone, is capable of bringing that repentance about. We are in a waiting period. Waiting for a great awakening. Waiting for critical mass that starts a righteous crusade to obey God, accept Jesus as our Messiah, and love all God’s children.

The tyranny that surrounds the few remaining eternal souls is insurmountable. The price demanded of those souls is their physical life, their liberty, their happiness, and their family. To stand up is to lose everything in this world.

“but for the elect’s sake, whom He hath chosen, He hath shortened those days.” - Mark 13:20