Free Market Economy

As a preface, the United States does not have a free market economy. The United States has a massive bureaucracy that feels impelled to fiddle with various sectors. Each regulation they put in place removes freedom from the market. I’m not sure what exactly the name of our economy is, but it is not free. Because many people believe the U.S. has a free market economy, their thinking is based on a false premise. That leads to false and incorrect conclusions.

One distortion caused by believing the US economy is free, is lost understanding of value. Or maybe it’s easier to understand what I’m trying to say if I say that we can no longer calculate value. Expecting each individual to make value decisions is a cornerstone of a free market economy.

Not being able to make value-based decisions, makes our daily lives much more difficult, and it has closed our minds to an important part of making value-based decisions. The time you spend reading this article, is a value based decision. For whatever reason, probably many you can articulate and many you cannot articulate, you decided that reading this article is worth something to you right now. There is a value based component: you’re reading it instead of something else; and there is a time component: you’re reading it now. You can easily see, now, that you have made a bunch of decisions about where to allocate your time, and a bunch of decisions about relative value. You’re reordered your entire life to read this article.

In the frame of a free market economy, this is the same decision you make when you decide to spend some of your hard-earned money. You make a value based decision on which good or service to purchase, and you make a time based decision on when to buy it.

Having an economy that is “free market” in name, but is not a “free market” in many aspects has the same insidious effect on your thinking. You do not notice, or are not as irritated by government intervention on when and how you allocate your time. Their intrusion into when and how you spend your money enables their intrusion into when and how you allocate your time.

They also intrude on when and how you think. The wide spread corruption of the media, justice, and their mega-phones of big tech, demonstrates our government’s willingness to infringe our your right to think what you want to think, whenever you want to.

Does that help expose the massive failure of the United States’ people to hold our government accountable? Instead of having our government create opportunity, competition, and choice, Americans are allowing and encouraging our government to control when and how we allocate our time, and even when and how we think.

Be free! Return to the principles of a free market economy and reject this government that believes in control instead of liberty.