God's Time

Does God experience time? There’s a scripture in John that says “and without Him nothing was made that was made.” Like many of the gospels, significant portions of the meaning have been lost. Some through translation, some due to time.

One philosophical debate I’ve heard about God goes something like “God doesn’t age, He isn’t bound by time; therefore, He does not experience time.” The principle that we cannot judge motive or intent holds true when seeking God’s motive and intent. We don’t know what He experiences.

I do think that it’s logically incorrect to assert that God doesn’t experience time based on His age. Just because God is not decaying doesn’t mean that He doesn’t experience time. I think quite the opposite is true. I think God is keenly aware of His capabilities and allows humans to decay so that we gain the same level of awareness and respect for making value-based judgments.

Saying it differently, cause and effect may not be God’s creation. Not that God is bound by the universe or time, but to God, cause and effect must be a lesson we cannot forget. God may not have “created” cause and effect but it appears He uses cause and effect to His advantage.

This is a plinth suggesting that goals, objectives, achievement, and competition are Godly. It may be that God created time, cause and effect, or even experiences what we call time more acutely than we do. Is cause and effect, causation, so foundational to God’s children that we take it for granted?